It has been a long time, yah? OH well...I have been tired almost everyday. School work is never ending. Married life is great , work life is not. I cannot imagine how i would be coping when we finally move house.

We are so lepak that we still have not started on house renovation when , in actual fact, we got the keys like more than a month back. I guess, staying with my family is pretty comfortable ( plus enjoyable at times ) afterall.... But we still want a place of our own lah.Now we r very confined to the bedroom except when we are marking at the dining table. The room is now like a walk-in store room... hahahha.... everything is inside. It's not nice....:P

On another note, yesterday marked the last day in Yuying. Well, not exactly since I am still conducting extra lessons during the hols. But yeah , basically I wun see most of my students anymore.Or my colleagues , except those in my departments.

Feeling? NOt emo, definitely. The only thing I would miss would be my close frens, the EAS pple and my dance girls + instructor. My close frens- I know I'll be missing them a lot but I guess, in life, pple come and go. I hope we would still be able to meet up and all. THe EAS pple - I doubt I can find pple as efficient and as nice as them. I really like ALL of them.... and of course, my Malay dance. I built it up - together with the dear instructor- and we have seen how the dance group grew over the year. I am gonna miss all the nonsense, the last-minute rushes, the make-up sessions, the adrenaline rush before every performance ( yeah , even when I am not the one performing.. ) Seriously , gonna miss all these. BUt it has been 5 years .It 's good to have a change. (next cca is drama though! woo hoo!)

Oh ... I forgot ! I would definitely miss my students... not all though :P

I hope the next sch I am going to would be better and provide a brighter future ...insya'allah. Deep down, I know I still wanna teach