Sweetie Pie - Diapercake

I have always wanted to make a diapercake using a tutu skirt.

I just find tutu skirts very cute and girly! I wished my mum had dressed me in one when I was a little kid. But obviously not... I think during my time, only those who went for ballet classes got to enjoy such privilege!

Images are from Google

When I received an order for a diapercake for a girl, I went shopping for the ingredients almost immediately. And I was so happy to find a tutu skirt which was not only of good quality, but also reasonably-priced !

The customer only wanted a one-tier cake though...if not, I would have gone crazy piling up everything princessy and girly onto the cake!

Some of the ingredients

I know I am praising myself but I find the whole ensemble really sweet and pretty! hahhaa..... Now , we've added a nicer gift tag (which includes a picture of the cake , for memories' sake!) and a blank gift card for you to pen down your wishes.

I used to ask customers for their wishes in advance so that I can print them on the card. But some people really take a long time to decide on their wishes. I have other things to do , you know... so maybe , this is a better option ?  :)

You may have realised there is an extra watermark on the photos that says "D'Fine Yourstyle". Well, that's something my sisters-in-law and I have ventured into . I shall blog about it in detail another time.

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