Last week , I made plans with two of my dearest cousins to catch a movie this week.

However, everyone was busy and up to last night, we still could not decide what to watch. I have no idea why I finally booked tickets to 23:59.

I had only a rough idea what it was going to be about and realised later, that was basically it.

image googled

Starring Mark Lee as the platoon sergeant, the movie is about ghostly encounters of the recruits training in Tekong. I would say that efforts were quite commendable in trying to build up the horror in the storyline and injecting some humour (even if they were quite slapstick). It was cute to see an ah beng leading / commanding a platoon.

It wasn't scary like I expected but if I were to be in that position -doing road march & exploring the forest at night , I am pretty sure I would pee in my pants! Haahaa.... no wonder they say NS makes a man. :)

I hate the ending though . I felt cheated because the ending shows that all the eerie encounters that happened were not really the works of the supernatural .

Just a short review because there is really nothing much to say about it. I wonder if Paranormal Activity 3 is any good .. unfortunately, there is probably little possibility for us to catch its running.

Verdict: If you have cash to spare and time to while away, this movie is alright . I guess.