I was on the way to work last Thursday when a friend texted me and asked if I was free in the afternoon.

Apparently , she had two complimentary tickets to a Glow-in-the-dark musical and wondered if I wanted to join. I just watched Aladdin the week before and would always jump at the mere mention of a musical. And this one is Glow in the dark some more!

I asked her what it was about ... but she wasn't sure herself except that it is a 3D live animation as well.

Ok, I didn't ask much and we agreed to meet for lunch first.

Can you believe that the last time we met each other was at my place in 2009 - Christmas season? YEah , that long! I miss her much so I was really looking forward to our date.

We had lunch at Fig  &Olive at Downtown East. I wasn't impressed with my dish so I shall not bother to blog about it :P

Darling Amy .. well, at least, her food looked good!

 After lunch , we proceeded to the venue. Ahhh... the show was called ImaginOcean - I think it was probably supposed to be 'Imagination' but it was an underwater world scene so that explained the 'Ocean'.

At D'Marquee @ Downtown East

The weird thing was that we kept being asked whether we brought our kids along / were told to register our kids for free gifts etc etc.

The first time we were asked, I did not bother much but when the 4th person asked where my kid was , I had a strong suspicion we were at the wrong show and, stared at Amy .

She got my stare and we burst out laughing! This show was for kids!!! When we entered the hall, there were so many little children with their parents. OMG. We were so tickled that we started 'scolding' her husband as he was the one who gave her the free tickets.

Oh well, since we were there, we decided to sit through it , hoping that it would not be boring!

That's what the parents say...

It was really interesting , on hindsight. The whole hall and stage were in total darkness and the sea characters were in 3D and they really glowed onstage. It was pretty cool! Just like "Finding Nemo", except that this was live!

The simple yet magical stage

As much as everything was colourful and captivating (for the kids, I am sure), we lost interest probably after about 20 mins. I was even dozing off! hahahah.... I felt bad and tried to stay awake. Thank god the show lasted for only an hour!

We went for drinks after that and caught up on each other's lives which was definitely way more interesting! And we have already made plans to meet up on Christmas Eve with the other two -Denise and Wendy! I can't wait! But that would mean I need to get Xmas presents for them ... what to get..what to get...

Husby fetched me so we managed to have a photo taken together !

An afternoon well-spent despite the "I feel cheated" feeling :P .

I am really looking forward to my next date with the gals! *Muacks*