Coping with the loss..

Today marks exactly a week since the dreaded incident - you would have guessed what had happened with my previous post.

I am feeling slightly better now although the emotional scar would always be there.

But just this one week makes me realise - ok , it should not be "realise", to remember again - how important it is to have a good support system.

My family was obviously there for me; something that is expected but never to be taken for granted. And I am so thankful for that. Some of my relatives who matter were equally concerned as well and took their time to text or call me a few times to check on my well-being.

But I was very surprised at how the support from friends actually made a whole of difference. I am not a very sociable person. I do get along well with almost everyone I know at the workplace and anywhere else however, I can be pretty private about my affairs. I rarely share things unless I am really close and comfortable with that person. To a certain extent, I have believed before that I could survive without friends. Just my family, husby and darling best friend should suffice.

So, to have so many people fussing and showing concern over me was a touching moment, indeed. I did not respond much to most of them because  I really needed that time to myself - either to cry, pray or just stare into space (this happened a lot of times!) . And yet, they continued to ask how I was, asking  me to rest , giving me positive encouragement etc with utmost sincerity. I am so touched, my dearest friends and/or colleagues.

Despite what happened, I am thankful to God for showing me that there is a lot of love around and I should never give up on life.

I am also grateful that I am blessed with my beloved husby. He took leave and had been with me the whole week, spending every waking moment with me - just so that I have someone to share my sad moments . I know that he himself is sad but yet, he has been so strong and supportive in helping me bounce back to life.

This tough period has taught me to really appreciate what we already have. As for what we do not have or yearn for, work for it but know that HE always knows what's best for us.

I pray for the greatest blessings for my family and friends, husby and myself :)