REVIEW: Changi Village Hotel - thumbs up!

Gosh, my fingers have been itching to blog! Most unfortunately, I am almost dead by the time I reach home from work every day.

For the past 2 weeks, I have not been able to do anything after dinner . My routine would be to try finish up my book while waiting for the 9pm show, on the couch. Once the show starts, I would fall asleep and wake again every now and then ...and finally, sleep through the ending. It has happened so many times that I have lost count!

But I wanna talk about my staycation at Changi Village Hotel. It was one of the nicest things I have ever done because the place is simple yet comfy, and I really caught up on my lost hours of sleep and rest !

Anyway, we checked in after our visit to USS with the family. That was really late though - we checked in at about 10pm. Kinda wasted half a day but we had all the time to catch up later, as you will 'see'!

The first thing I do whenever I check into the hotel is to arrange my toiletries in the bathroom and then spend about 5 - 10 minutes admiring them. Does any of you ladies do the same thing? I am pretty sure I am not the only one.

We didn't do much the whole of Sunday morning besides lying in bed and watching the TV. It did not help that it was raining pretty heavily outside. However, my tummy was already growling by 12 noon and we had to get out of the cosy room to get food.

One reason why we picked Changi Village Hotel was that there are many HALAL easteries surrounding it. We went to our favourite 89.7 and had, in my opinion, one of the best meals of my life!

Ok, maybe it was just because I was hungry but still.............

Did I manage to make you salivate? The prices are very reasonable as well, better than what you get at Simpang Bedok.

The initial plan was to get on the bus and go to Downtown East to catch a movie after that but the rain so heavy that we had to cancel that. If you have ever been to Changi Village, there are quite a number of shops selling very "old school" stuff and knick-knacks at very cheap prices. We spent quite some time exploring the shops before retreating back to the hotel to check out its other facilities.

I was pretty impressed with the intricate designs of the washrooms on the same level as the pool (level 8).

If you stay on the Executive Level, u can hang out at this lounge for ur free cocktails and other finger food / desserts. 

We spent quite some time exploring the hotel , from the outdoor garden to the gym and sauna....and the SPA! We went for SPA treatments here last December on my birthday (courtesy of best friend) and it was really, really good! This is definitely a well-equipped hotel and everything was functioning well and carefully taken care of.



I had checked out the website earlier and it is stated that this is a 3-star hotel. But the services and facilities surpassed our expectations of a 3-star hotel! Singapore's hotels really got standard, huh?  :P

We didn't do much during the staycation . We did go to the nearby beach at night after dinner but it was way too cold that I shivered the whole way back . Hopeless case when it comes to chilly weather.

Changi Village Hotel is, overall, a very cosy place to chill and relax. It cost us about $300 for two nights AND we got a one night free stay at another hotel of their branch. We can only redeem the free night after July and I am planning for another staycation during the September school holidays *rub hands gleefully*...cannot wait!