REVIEW: Rich for a Day - Staycation @ Ritz Carlton , Singapore

We love staycations.

One of the things on my wish list is for us to try out as many hotels in Singapore as possible for future local escapades.

Staycations are especially useful when we need to get away from our normal lives yet, could not afford the time to travel overseas. We are both teachers and the only time we can really travel long distance would be during the June and December vacations.

So some time back , we decided to give Ritz Carlton a go. I have been there once and I have also seen pictures of their expansive and luxurious bathrooms so I suggested to hubby that. We were actually torn between Ritz and Marina Mandarin . Both are in the same area but you can stay at Marina for 2 nights for the price of one night at Ritz so we had to weigh the cost-effectiveness.

In the end, we decided to feel rich for a day and go for Ritz. Husby booked a room through for about $460 per night, before tax, for a normal deluxe room.

Be sure to drive or wear comfortable shoes to walk up the steep hilly drive ! It felt like entering a different zone from the busy Marina Boulevard.

Welcome drinks- help yourselves!

The husband who will never face straight into the camera.

I only managed two sips because it was time to go up!

The receptionist sent us to the lift , went into the lift and all the way up with us. I was like,"Er...why so special?" She then told us that our key is a special one as we would be staying on the Suite Floor - the highest floor in the hotel.

I grabbed his hand and hissed," Wth? Don't tell me we have to pay for a suite?" Goodness knows how much that would cost! In that few minutes to the room, husby realised he had earlier asked for the 'top floor' (while booking through Agoda) instead of just a high floor...

But we soon realised there were a couple of deluxe rooms on that highest floor- not just suites. Phew! I find it weird though, that they have normal rooms on a Suite Floor but I guess, it is to cater to people like us! :P

The window view that welcomed us was indeed breathtaking!

Errr....okay, so it wasn't a view of pretty mountains and all but it was pretty cool to be so high up ...above all the busy happenings on the streets. And the vehicles really look like toy cars, don't they?

Next, some shots of the room!

Basically, the room consists of a bed, sofa, working desk , Nepresso machine, cutleries, the usual TV, health and beauty magazines and a huge-ass window :P

However, I am not much of a 'brown' person. I do not like an everything-is-brown room so whether I would like my home to be like this, the answer is 'no.'

I'd prefer colours - colours make life more beautiful!

Iron and ironing boards are must-haves for all my staycations and travel experiences. I cannot stand going out in crumpled clothes

Ok, THIS , I don't like. WTH.

As you probably can tell , I absolutely love the bathroom! It is so huge that I think I can practically live in it. Hahaha... On the second day, I even had some 'me' time in the bathtub, totally oblivious to what the husby was doing outside.

BUT , please remember to draw the blinds! However pretty the view is from your position in the bathtub, please do not prance around with the blinds up because the people in the office building opposite can most definitely see you ! ...Unless, of course, you do not mind dancing around (worse,naked) and appearing on the first page of the New Paper the next morning :P

 They have almost every thing you possibly need on a staycation.

Since it was supposed to be a lazed-around staycation , we did not do much except to go out for dinner and explore the hotel ground a little.

The rest of the time was spent 'feeling' rich . Haha.

We actually contemplated extending our stay for another night but when we called up the front desk, we were told that it would be another $600 . More ex than what we paid for the first night .

So it was between one night stay at Ritz Carlton or a 3-days trip to shop. .....

KL won! Hahaha......

But we had a great time in Ritz CArlton! Maybe should save up for their suite next time ! :)