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How many times have you encountered such a moment - everyone is feeling high and wanna have a group photo , get into a group pose and then realise 'Hey, who's gonna snap for us'?!?

I have been in such situations many times before. 

So what used to be the typical solutions?

1) One person has to be the sacrificial lamb and be the photographer for the group shot. The rest will feel bad and another person will volunteer to snap the next shot so that the first lamb will now be in the photo. Conclusion: Eventually, you do not get a complete group photo after all!

2) Get a passing stranger to take the group photo for you. Personally , I prefer Option 1 because I always feel awkward when I have to pose or want to make monkey faces in front of someone I absolutely do not know. Then, you will feel obliged to not to ask for more than 2 takes because know... that can irritate the photographer. Bleargh.

3) Use a tripod. Yeah , right... how many of us lug around a tripod (and a camera) everyday of our lives?

4) Do a group selfie or a we-fie as we call it! Ok , this definitely sounds much much better! I can be wacky with the rest of the gang, do not feel self-conscious& we can have as many takes as possible! The only minus point is the photos may end up like this......

Hahhahaha!  Poor husband of mine.... he always ends up getting part of his face cut off the frame! Even the fact that he has the longest arms and is the tallest in my family didn't help! (This was taken  at my uncle's place...we were all in a rather hyper mood but hhhahahaa.....such a spoiler !)

I give u one more!

You cannot even see my mum here! 


Well, get a Monopod! We have always seen people carrying those weird-looking long sticks to take their selfies / we-fies and some people just swear by it!

One Monopod that you may want to consider purchasing is from

Their model is compatible with all phones and cameras. Just connect your cameras or phones to the Monopod adapter using the tripod insert.

Here is my Samsung Galaxy S4 firmly attached to the adapter. You don't have to worry about your device slipping / dropping off - the grip is pretty strong. 

You want a wider angle? Simple extend the pole. This selfie stick is extendable up to 108cm. 
Carrying it is not a hassle since it is only 22cm at its shortest and weighs a very light 22 grams.

The Monopod at its shortest
Monopod fully extended. This is especially good if you have a big group of people in the photo or taking photos/videos of a pretty landscape. I haven't had the chance to do the latter due to the piles of work in the past few weeks. 

 You can slot it into most handbags with ease! 

 The Monopod from is really easy to use. You just have to:

1. Fit phone into the phone bracket included
2. Open camera app
3. Adjust the selfie stick to the right angle/length
4. Set timer on your camera (5-10s)
5. Extend the stick and smile!

They come in other exciting colours as well - red , blue, yellow. I would definitely go for red, if given the option :P

For $13 only, this is absolutely worth the money! 

This Monopod is perfect for your photos and videos during your travels, at weddings, parties, the beach, sports events.... you name it, you've got it!

Hope you will be as happy with your Monopod as I am with mine! 


java chic said...

Gee you know what! I'm such a gastronomy addict that I wanted to reserve a spot on our wed anniv... but at that time found out it was closed, n we had to cancel the trip anyway. Thanks to this article, we'll be back. And do come in Bandung, we have Le Village Parisien, serving authentic french cuisine. Sympatic chef owner as well. A bientot!

dancingfairyqueen said...

Haven't been to Bandung before! Will keep a lookout if I do go!

sahidah said...

hi are they still open