June 2017

Gosh ....where has all the time gone to????

I am now at my workstation ,waiting for the kids to report for rehearsals, when I happened to look through some photos. 

It is amazing (and scary) that Furqan is almost 2 years and 3 months old. I can still remember his tiny feet, squishy face and baby's smell and as much I love the current him, I really miss his baby days.

He is talking so much now that I get tired sometimes. Not tired of entertaining him but really, the mouth just gets physically tired. Haha...I definitely feel less lonely when husby is not at home. However , that will also mean that I do not have much "me"time. The only "me' time I have is when husby is home and I get to take a good shower.That is usually after 7pm. I will sometimes purposely take my own sweet time. No , it is not a selfish act because the max I have is usually only 15 minutes. 

But so what? 

I love you , Furqan Haris!