There is this Chinese drama at nine pm -- Mars vs Venus. I know alot of my friends and even the bf follow the series. Basically , it is about the differences btwn men and women, marriage, deceit and the works.

I need to pen down my thoughts as I have been quite disturbed by the last two episodes. It clearly showed how manipulative women can be and how determined they are in getting what they want, regardless of the consequences. Tat can actually be an advantage, I suppose, if women play up their assets ( I dun mean physically ) ,however, when it is at the expense of others, they end up portraying themselves as selfish bitches.

The episodes also show how vulnerable men can be when exposed to seductive objects. Really. We all know how weak men are in that area. Dun get me wrong . Sometimes, it is not 100% the men's fault. I have to admit that we women can be just as bad ...just that it totally freaked me out. ..To see how a marriage / relatonship can crumble just like that.

I actually cried during the last part of today's episode because I felt so much for the wife's plight. Perhaps, i could relate to it in one way or another. ...

I have talked to my bf before about how I get cynical about relationships and all because I know that even if we dun want and prevent such things from happening, sometimes, things just happen. Without much rhyme or reason. And when they happen, all we can do is wonder and keep wondering why. I told him too that as much as I want to have someone by my side , I do shudder at the idea of a marriage turning bad. He told me that that is not a healthy thought and we should believe and trust our partners, and God to protect us.

I guess I just get too paranoid sometimes.... even now. I hope God protects me and my loved ones.

Let there just be love...