The boyfren is sleeping and I think the best fren is too.

I just need to tell someone this so decided to blog it out.

I got accepted into Damai Sec!!!!

Woo hoo....It is a very nice surprise because during the interview ,I didn't think I did great. As in...I got the feeling that they enjoyed interviewing me ( hahahha.......) but there were times when I went blank with their questions and just tried my best to pull through. I did go home, telling myself not to hope for much.

Thus, it is a really wonderful surprise to open up my email and saw the note. I am supposed to respong asap so that they can call my principal and arrange my posting date.

Alhamdullillah..I really thank God for all this. Life seems to move pretty well lately. I hope I would not forget to thank Him daily.

However, I have not gone for the interview at Ngee Ann Sec as yet... I am not sureif I should go. If I go and I don't get accepted, then at least, still have Damai. But If I get acepted into NgeeAnn too, then I would have to make a decision. And I dun really fancy decision makings....

Must go consult my guru....

Totally not prepared for lessons tmrw . Ended drama practice at 7 just now...oh well... nothing new :-P. BUt I am sure I'll come up with something. As always...hahhaha ....