Have I ever said that I love my boyfren?

I know this sounds like super bimbotic but I love love love him many many. Hahahaha.....there's always this warning I get from some who say it is not good to declare one's love too openly. But it's not often that I do it lah.... Bing asked me why I love him.... I couldn't really answer her because there are too many reasons to list out .....hahahhaa..... ok...happy mood .

Which , by the way, is gonna be spoilt by the fact that I probably have to present the musical updates at the Staff retreat tmrw...and for a more obvious reason... sch is starting reaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll soon! Shiats.

Read the following extract from Rat's blog about out super exciting Sunday. .. :-)


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Yes, the title best summed up yesterday. We were speechless. It was unbelieveable, incredible and stupendously WOW!!

What would possibly be a night to remember turned out to be an UNFORGETABLE night indeed, for all concerned, especially for Fairy and moi. Whatever that could go wrong....WENT wrong. What more could 2 'kanchung spiders' teachers like us ask for.

D Day: 17 June 2007, Sunday.
Venue: Open field next to Tampines MRT
Event: Northeast Dance Festival 2007 - Dance competition.

Booboo number 1: How could I forget to buy the orchids for their hair?

Rectification?: Fortunately, the 'throw petals' which I bought from Little India contained some orchids which H could use.

Booboo number 2: The day before, Fairy had smsed me from KL asking me to buy gold crepe paper, those which they use for 'bunga manggars' during the Malay wedding festivity. It was actually a request from the dance instructress. (H, next time sms or call me direct can? Kecian Fairy...jauh2 dari KL smsed and called me). So, I, being the newly-appointed-Malay-dance-inexperienced-teacher-in-charge went to Popular Bookstore to look for the gold paper. I recalled during my bro's wedding, I had helped my mum do up the 'bunga manggars' using this particular gold and shiny-ish wrapping paper of sorts.

H actually meant the ready made frilly shiny-gold paper found in shops selling party stuff. Yeah, so there, I bought the correct shiny-gold paper, only not ready made. We had no time to go and cut them accordingly to size with its frills and all and stick them around the tambourine. (It was supposed to be wrapped around the tambourines we're using to contain the flower petals for the girls to 'throw around' while they dance).

Rectification for booboo number 2: H came up with the brilliant idea to cover the tambourine with 'bengkungs' which were nicely packed in a ziplog bag. She saw the 'bengkungs' while she was doing the girls' hair. (I tell you, H is one versatile woman! Mata kemana2 cari barang and idea to cover those tambourines). So I helped with the 'artistic' part which was to wrap the gold cloth nicely around the tambourine. Done!

Booboo number 3: The bus was booked early-early. In fact, I booked the bus on Friday, 2 days before the actual day. As per normal practice, I filled up the form accordingly, checked and rechecked the time, date and venue and handed the completed form for the office people to fax and confirm the booking. But...sadly, that was not meant to be.

We waited until about 6.15 and still there wasn't even a shadow of the bus' exhaust pipe. I had a funny feeling in my gut and true enough, when I called the bus company, they said they didn't receive any booking at all. Damn!

I called the 'office people', but my call was unanswered. I was pretty sure it was out of guilt.

Rectification for booboo number 3: By then, Fairy had decided not to wait and we sent the girls to take 2 cabs while Fairy drove the intructress, her makeup artist, an ex-student and myself to the venue.

Booboo number 4: We lingered on the field while waiting for our turn. I couldn't believe we did that when we would have all the TIME in the world to do something...which yall will know later.
The organiser informed us that our item would be at 7.50 pm. It would be after River Valley High's performance which was after the arrival of the Guest-of-Honour. So, Fairy and I, like 2 excited teachers that we were (are) plonked ourselves in the middle of the field with the rest of the audience to have a better view and capture the girls' performance on video (courtesy of Azura).
Our turn came, I switched on the vid-cam. The girls had readied themselves at the sides of the stage, waiting for the music and start the dance on cue. When, suddenly, we heard the all too familiar voice of Zubir Abdullah booming over...WHA...WHA!!!! Aaahhhh!!!! My head was spinning and my first instinct was to run to the audio engineers and signalled to them frantically to cut the music coz IT WAS THE WRONG ONE!!!
I so wished that somehow, some sort of miracle would happen at that PRECISE moment, like the CD suddenly containing the CORRECT MUSIC! Or, miracalously, the CORRECT CD was in my handbag. But it wasn't gonna be that simple....

We panicked, yes, we did...Our next instinct was to get hold of the CD ASAP and hoped that they would delay our performance to the last item. Thing is, the CD was in school!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

The taxi queue was longer than an Anaconda (I exaggerate) and I couldn't book the cab coz the line was busy! Fairy and I decided that if she had no time to get the car and I got on the cab sooner than she got to her car, I would go first. However, I had to call Fairy to fetch me as there was no way I'm gonna get a cab and be on time!

So Fairy, drove like an F1 racer. I was all along telling her to calm down, to relax and to take it easy. It was easier said than done. Yes Fairy, I swear I was praying for my life (and yours) as you were driving and beat the ..... *ehem-ehem*.

We had promised Kaiming we would be back by 8.45 tops and so we were (no, Fairy was) really racing against time and those stoopid red lights!!!

Rectification for this really fucked-up nite: The girls danced. Without us around, while Fairy like a speed demon, driving and rushing like hell so that they could dance with the correct music, the real dance for the competition that is. The Thai Dance that they had practised so hard and the last thing we wanted was to break the girls' heart if they fail to dance the dance at all...Our hope dashed when H called and told me that the girls had used the SYF music and improvised the dance, and they were dancing as we spoke. Fairy was devastated and so was I.


Allah is Great, Allah is Almighty, praise be upon Him. When I arrived at the field, holding the no-longer-needed-correct-CD, they were already announcing the consolation prizes and I was pretty sure we'd be in that category what with the big mess-up and all. As I stood there nearly crying, they asked the top 3 contestants to go up the stage and I saw our girls went up. I felt a sense of excitement as I bulldozed my way through the crowd with the vid-cam in my hands. As the girls stood with the other 2 groups, I somehow knew that the girls would clinched the Championship as they were so resplendent and poised in their costume up there.
When they announced the winner, it was pure ECSTACY!

We won...yes we did...against all odds we won. Danced with the wrong song and we won!

H hugged me. I've never felt so close to her like that before. Fairy was just...dumbstrucked. She was speechless. It was ecstatic! It wasn't a grand competition per se, but the girls deserve the win. They were professional and kept their cool under pressure. They were poised and confident. Although we didn't watch their competitive performance, the encore was enough to tell me that they deserve the win.

Well done girls! We couldn't be more proud! We really are!