It was the Graduation Ceremony today.

It brought back such beautiful memories when I had the ceremony with my form class last year.

This, year, although I had no graduation class as my form class, I did feel rather emotional for my 4C. I have taught more than 3/4 of the class since Sec 2 ... and I truly , honestly enjoyed every single moment with them.. I fought for them when I didn't get to teach the class last year, I can never ever stay angry with them for more than a few minutes...and they knew it! Lessons were almost ALWAYS fun with them...and I never dread going for their lessons.

Besides this year's 4C, quite a number of students from the other Sec 4 classes were my form kids when they were in sec 2. That was one of my best form classes ever! I am gonna miss all of them so much.....

At the moment, there is no partuicular class which I feel a lot for ( mebe the current 2C's always e 'C' classes!) but I guess, might as that it would be too difficult to leave come mid 2008.

Anyway, pics would be up on multiply site soon. :-P

I love to store messages that I chanced upon when I visit student's blogs. Since this blog of mine is rather exclusive ( only a few pple know), the only intention of quoting the student's words is so as to remind me that...yes, a teacher does have an impact. HOpe it would motivate me ! :-)

From Lynn Wee (sec 2C):
Miss Haryani, I got closer to you during Mtamorphosis.
you are a great teacher ;D whenever I have questions, I dont mind asking you
cos I know you will help me (: hees, I love your table and I really miss the day when we went to the staffroom and have remedials and I sat under your table. please don't leave!
i need you for maths and many more ! thank you ;DD