Or rather, tonight's e nite. Insyaallah, I'll be moving on to the next chapter of my life. So how am I feeling?

Like what the henna artist said, I am pretty cool. Of course I have the mini wedding jitters but I suppose I am pretty calm for a bride-to-be. Or perhaps, it is still not fully sunk in yet. I always panic at e last minute, and maybe this is no exception :) BUt I couldn't sleep the whole of last night. Prob had only 2 hrs plus of sleep......why???

Firstly, I had my henna on. I was Worried sick tat I might smudge it and yeah...I did. Comot ah ...my right palm. Desperately needs cousin to come and do some corrective work. Secondly, I was worried about my dad who was staying up at the void deck. My deco is 85% done so he wanted to be the jaga. But he was alone. So at 3:45 am when I suddenly woke up, I decided to wash off my henna and join him . Last minute bonding session... See! last minute again . .

So I have about 13 hrs or so left before we are officially legal :) I can't wait. On the other hand, I am nervous. NOt for the wedding. But whether I wld be able to fulfill my duities as wifey ( oh gosh !) well enough.

It has been raining heavily the past few days. I hope it won't rain for Saturday and Sunday. Pls pray for us.

I hope everything goes as planned and it will be a superbly joyous occasion. Insya A'llAh