You know how sometimes, e really great pple only appear in your lives much later.

I experience just that .

I had great friends from way back in RGS and they are still my fav pple now, albeit the very little time spent together. In JC , I hang out with 2 frens however, it seems that one of them is feeling rather sore abt the whole friendship. I Have no idea why. I have tried to understand but ah welll..... if one is persistent on sticking to one's opinions only , what can I say?
In my first (n current) job, I met Rat. I miss Rat. A lot. I know she is prob doing better in the other school but I miss her presence and her ever useful experiences that she shared with me.

Yesterday I had a bridal shower (so-called lah ) with A, L,W and D. Shaz joined in a while at the last minute. Frens like them make one feel very appreciated. The presents were really 'interesting' ( haha...Rat , I think u would have injectd more!) ...and I had to do some stupid dares. ALready looking stupid in the middle of Swensens with a pink tiara on my head, I had to ask guys for their phone numbers and drank cream among others. Nonsense lah they all...luckily they didn't insist on me finishing all the dares. THe fiance would never forgive me ! hahhaa..I was also made to make a minute dedication to the other half (and video-taped, of course!) to so-called express my love. Oh man...I ended up crying ...Embarrassing.. but thanks people! I never expected to find great frens at an age so old....

And of course. How could I not mention the beloved? Yes. You came into my life pretty late. BUt I would have to say that it is the greatest gift :)