Oh wow !

It has been super duper long since I last updated the blog *dust dust cobwebs*.

I don't know what triggered today's entry but well, no harm done.

It's the 8th day of Ramadhan and our second Ramadhan together. Alhamdulillah. Life has been great, although there were some down moment on my part. I pray for many more Ramadhans with him. I just hope that we would be able to do terawih more diligently. It is difficult to go to the mosque on weekdays due to the hectic work schedule . So , most of the weekdays, it's a home terawih . Just the two of us. Which I still love :)

If I were to update on all the past year's events, there are just too many to be mentioned. But one thing I must update, is how attached I have grown to my darling MONTEL . MY nephew. I will start missing him when I don't see him after a few days and thus, I always make up excuses to just drop by mum's place. Padahal...I just want to play with him , bring him down for a walk....I think he also loves me lah... hehehe...he always gets excited when he sees me.

I hope that God answers our prayers and give us our own Montel soon. Insyaallah.... e maternal instincts are just too obvious to ignore!

I am not sure when would be the next time I'll update this blog. Let's hope it won't be next year . LOL .

Time to do my Saturday's routine of housework. Ciao!