I have been busy since the new year started. I was not looking forward to the new year... because that means getting to know new students , missing my previous lovable form class and ...the fact that I am older.

The past month had definitely been one of the busiest and I have no idea why. The school introduced many new initiatives - too many in my opinion. Not that they are not necessary, but all of them came at one time. It was hellish trying to remember , what's more, trying to cope with all the demands. I am still trying to balance work , family , health .. among many other things.

I did not make any resolutions because they are pretty pointless - I somehow just never got around to fulfilling them. However, I like to make goals . It feels good to tick them off as I achieve them.

I have some in mind .... only a few. Difficult goals to achieve for the moment but I really hope and pray I can. And I have one wish .

A wish I want more than anything else.

I want a complete family.

I really hope that is not too much to ask for. With God's will, I hope that will happen.