Second Post for the Year

YUp! THis is my second post . I am thinking of seriously reviving the bLog . It is not that I have much time on my hand but I miss blogging. Heh.

I had a great aftenoon today. I have been working my butts off the past months and am in need of some 'me' time. I haven't even had time to visit the gym . Obviously , I can feel all the flabs forming. Oh gosh!

Oh yes, I went for my facial treatment today. I don't like to recommend things to people because I always fear that they may not have the same sentiments of the products or services recommended by me. However, I urge ladies (and men!) out there to give Bioskin a shot , if you are thinking of starting / changing ur facial packages.

I have tried treaments at other locations; FIL, Vanilla, Mary Chia...but I Swear that Bioskin is the best! I have been with them since 2003, when I just entered the working force. I don't think I would ever switch loyalty. Heh...yeay, I find them THAT good. Painless yet effective ...and my whole TEN fingers UP for their services. The only thing they might want to improve is to ensure that all their front-desk consultants speak good English. Most are alright actually ... but I did encounter one whereby I could hardly understand what she was saying....

Again, as always, I digress.

So, do check them out ! Visit for a breakdown of their available services...