Oh Fish! @ Manhattan Fish Market

It has been a rather long time yah ?

Well, I was really under the weather. I shall not dwell on it . But it was definitely not very pleasant. It was also my first time going to A & E , being wheeled around in a wheelchair some more! Not an experience to be cherished , that is for sure.

I have been resting and am definitely getting better. I just have to be careful when doing my chores / work as there is still that tendency to get breathless and all.

But anyway.... have I ever told you I love fish ? Yes! I love love to eat fish! Actually, the adoration for this scaly being only started after I got married. It was way at the bottom of my favourite list before that.... I guess it is definitely one of those things you pick up from your partner.

What type of fish ? I would say anything .. but dory and stingray are my top two! I love my fish baked and grilled, either with lots of herbs and spices ...or extremely spicy sambal.

So...on one of those 'recuperating' days , husby decided to try out the new HALAL fish restaurant at Whitesands Shopping Mall ....

We have always wanted  to eat here. Each time I passed the outlet in the past , I often wondered ...it's just seafood. Why can't the restaurant apply for the HALAL cert? Thus, imagine my joy when I found out from a colleague that it is now halal.... apa lagi !

I don't know why I have this 'fetish' for sauces which are nicely presented. It gives me a very 'warm' feeling. Haha! I don't really care for the taste most of the time though , as long as they're edible.

Calamari for starters. They were crunchy enough ... but still not as nice as Pizza Hut's, I feel.

His 'Catch of the Day' - Pan Grilled Dory . See the fork? That's me trying to fish out (pardon the Pun) some fries while waiting for my dish to arrive.

Mine ! Mine! Baked Dory in Olive Oil and Basil Leaves. 

I just adore anything cooked with olive oil .... and basil leaves. Ever since my dinner with friends at Porta Porta (they basically cooked eveything with olive oil) two years back, I am hooked!

NOTHING was left .

I would say it was really quite good. The total cost of the meal , including  fruit juice and a chocolate shake , was about $58 so I would say it is comparable to Swensens.

There was only one thing I did not like about the place... And that was the numerous greetings by the waiters/waitresses all over. You know ... just like when you enter a Japanese restaurant , and you are immediately greeted by shoutings of 'Ohaiyo Gozaimasssssss...' from all directions. Urgh!

That always pisses me off. Heh. I prefer a simple nod and smile as a welcome greeting.

It is really such a blessing for the Muslim community in Singapore that there are many halal eating places here(so I wonder why some people still insist on consuming otherwise...). I remember when I was in primary school, even MacDonalds was not Halal-ed yet! Sis and I always salivated each time we passed by an outlet.

To end , here are the outlets of Manhattan Fish Market in Singapore:

1) Iluma @ BUgis
2) Marina Square, Raffles Boulevard
3) Central, Eu Tong Sen Street
4) Plaza Singapura @Orchard Rd
5) Junction 8 @ Bishan
6) Northpoint Shopping Centre @ Yishun

Have a good Fishy Time!