Spice it Up! Make it PINK!

I have never been a very neat person. Well, I am not THAT untidy but I cannot deny that I do leave mess around.

The messiest place was definitely my work cubicle. It was always full of books, files, loose papers and whatever rubbish you could think of. Haha.

But that was in the past.

Anyway, just for your info, teachers' work cubicles in schools here (or at least, the many that I have seen) have never come in attractive designs. Often , they also come in horrible, drab colours. The first time I stepped into the current staff room , I really hated the brown coloured cubicles! The colour combination was enough to make one feel unmotivated to work. But of course, there was nothing we could do about it , would there? Who has time anyway?

Towards the end of last year, I knew that 2010 would be a frightfully busy year , with new CCA, new subjects to teach and more responsibilities to shoulder (Still, I prefer this to what I did in the previous school. That was really exploitation to the max!) . I had to do something to make sure I feel energized to do work.
The husby was in the process of doing up his work cubicle and upon seeing his pictures, I decided to do up mine too, during the December holidays!

The stationery area ,which I tried my best to make it look pleasant...

But I really could not stand the brown fabric. Having tolerated
 that for more than a year, I decided it was time for a makeover :)

So I got down to work.... I felt like one of those contestants from
Project Runway! hehe....with all the measuring, cutting and pinning !

This was actually the toughest area. It was already difficult
enough to pin the art papers into the hard and stiff board, I still
had to sit on the table and bend my body just to reach the inner
corners. Luckily, I am petite.Otherwise, the table might just
give way!

Ta-dah! Found some last-minute faux boa at Spotlight...

One of my best classes ever...forever in memories :)

Some colleagues say it looks like a Barbie shrine! LOL. But this
is my favourite corner... I love my pink bin and clock !

Another favourite corner. In those boxes, I have my pink
 stapler, pink hole-puncher and 3 pairs of pink scissors. Oh,
have I told you about my favourite colour?   :P

This is where I put up photos of friends, ex-colleagues and
family. The door on the right has now been filled up with
 photos of my 2009 form class. I just miss them very much :(

Oh ....noticed the pink and furry tissue box? It did me great justice
throughout the past 3 years but it was definitely time for a change......


Personalised tissue box cover!!!!  I love the design and
of course, the letter 'H'.

Typing area. That black laptop just spoils it. I wish I can have
my Pink Vaio in school. I would be extremely glad to type
 out worksheets then....That wristpad was already dirty 
and dusty and thus, suffered the same fate as the tissue box
cover... R.I.P.

Awwwwww....isn't it pretty ?

You have seen now how I try to keep myself sane at work. It is really very therapeutic....for me, at least , to come back to my pink cubicle after a tiring day. More things have been added and the desk is no longer as neat. But I believe I am doing a pretty good job in keeping it clutter-free. The trick is to just ensure that I clear any mess before I go home....So far , so good...

Maybe if I am free one of these days or I have the mood, I will take updated photos of my Barbie shrine :)

Ok , I need to go to bed now. I am really drained out from all those Speech Day practices and rehearsals. Saturday , come quick! Get it done and over with!