There goes my Juicy....

Oh well....

I cannot buy that Juicy Couture watch after all.

After browsing again , I realise it is a bangle-type of watch , not the bracelet-type.

This means that the size/circumference cannot be adjusted. I have TINY wrists (hehehe....), and I know there is no way I can fit into the standard size for a watch.

OH well..... I guess I just to continue searching for the baby pink watch that I need want.

Anyway, I had a good Saturday. Spent the whole morning at home with husby, talking about anything and everything under the sun. I love chatting with my best friend :)

After lunch and some necessary errands, I did some mini shopping. I bought 2 shawls and 2 flower brooches, while he bought me this really cute polka-dotted peach dress. Hehe.... I hope I do not look overaged in that!

So now , it is back to work...A very busy week ahead, again!