Party TIme!

Not really the let-your-hair-down kind of party.... I'll be attending hubby's nephew's birthday party later.

Basically, lots of kids and noise ...hehhee... I welcome that. At least, I'll enjoy their kind of noise to a large extent. :)

Last year's theme was PIRATES and we were all decked out in black and white.

Guess what the theme for today is???

MY favourite blue characters - the SMURFS!

We haven't had much time so last night we did some last minute shopping.... nothing fantastic though. Husby couldn't get his Gargamel outfit in time so no Gargamel this year. We shall be pleasant  cute Smurfs yah?

THere will be blue face paint but I wonder if everyone is up for that. I am not so sure for myself.....

Can't wait for later. Hope it will be fun!