My grey Agnes B

I have been wanting to replace my extremely old grey Calvin Klein bag. The bag is really bought for me back in 1998.

Zip is spoilt and it looks worn and old , although still useable if one is not fussy.

But for me, it is time to let go.

I have been wanting to get a bag from Agnes B. but I didn't want to get any other colours that I do not really need for the moment.

So.... I was extremely happy when my sis managed to get me a canvas grey Agnes B. bag on her trip to Hongkong recently...

I wasn't sure if I would like it at first sight. But after just 2 times of usage, this bag just grows on me! hhahaha.... I like it much now :)

ok...time to put bag shopping on hold for now. ..I think ... I think only , ok?

Because I still need to replace my white Prettyfit (Furla?) and red GUESS(Gucci? yah right!) bag... oh... and I probably need a black handbag , and perhaps a beige crossbody/slingbag.