I am just gonna ramble because many things have happened and my mind/brain is just full to the brim.

1) I just got a new cousin.  Such a pretty gal with really sexy and rosy lips. I feel very happy for my uncle and wife, a kid after six years of marriage...such people give me hope. Hehe... yeah, we've been trying for a kid for about a year or so :)

2) Today's General Election Day. I am quite a bimbo when it comes to GE, to be honest. Yes , I do follow here and there ...watched the speeches . But I know who I would vote for, anyway.

3) I made a decision some weeks back. I hope it would be a fulfilling adventure, albeit probably more stress.

4) I hate it when people are such 'kaypohs' (busybodies).Well, maybe the intention isn't so but it sure looks like it. So how? Go work on your EQ!

5) I am crazily drowned in stacks of marking for the mid-year exams. I have finished about 140 scripts (EL). I have another abt 260 (EL) and 80 (Math) papers to go.... oh ...I cannot imagine. All my three long weekends are burnt! Totally!

6) We cancelled our Bintan trip on 28 - 29th May :( ....because parents need us more that weekend. So bye bye, Bintan! There will be some other time.

7) I am planning a huge overseas trip for my CCA students (they got SIlver for SYF btw. Fantastic for a first-timer). It is very expensive though and I may wanna just pull out... but the boss seems keen.We shall see.

8) Tomorrow is MOther's Day. And for the first time, I have no plans. And no gifts. Gulp.

9) I just wanted to take a break from markings,hence, this short entry.