And Rahayu weds....

Last weekend, my dearest friend was finally a MRS :)

She has had her fair share of ups and downs in relationships so when she introduced him to us a couple of years back , I silently prayed that he would be the one. They just seemed perfect for each other. And yes, they still are :)

It was such a lovely wedding with every little and intricate details being well-taken care of. Everything was serene, pretty and full of joy... and my dear friend was clearly the happiest lady that day.

Well...what's a wedding post without pictures , right? So, here we go!


The gorgeous wedding outfit

Live-feed for whatever that was going on, on the first floor

You know how they say a lady looks her loveliest during her wedding? I so agree! Ayu looked so happry and radiant that her beauty, in my opinion, surpassed anyone else's on that day.

And a sweet thing that she did- she used the material Khal and I bought for her birthday last year to customize her solemnization is nice to know we had a part to play in the gorgeous outfit.

The Reception (Hers) 

Check out her expensive bling-bling shoes.They were literally sparkling from many metres away.

The pretty dais

Bro's bride dedicating a song... awwwwwww..... sweetheart and I :)

The next day was for the groom's reception. We did not manage to snap many pictures though , unfortunately. But everything was really pretty as well....

The Reception (His)

Managed to catch them just before they changed into their last outfit


The old wedded couple :P but still young at heart!

  I just love weddings! I had four to attend that weekend.....weddings ALWAYS remind me of my own and I wanna do it all over again with my dear :)

Congratulations to my Ayu and Imad! Wishing them eternal bliss!


theeggyolks said...

waaaah!! so nice the wedding >_<