Busy busy week....

Oh gosh... School just started last Monday and already, I am so tired.

This semester will definitely busier for me , with even crazier timetable to boot. I always seem to be among those with very heavy timetables.Why why why?

Just these five days alone, I had proper dinner only on 2 days. The other nights, I just ate an apple each time and ..hehe... ice-kacang. I just felt really tired and had no appetite or the energy to even open my mouth. Heck, I did not even want to think about what I wanted for dinner! I know this is not good for the body but seriously, the energy has all been sapped.

I am looking forward to this weekend although it is not one for me to enjoy. I need to finish setting the prelim papers and that will take ages :(

Just a short post tonight - to say ," Hey, I am still here!"