Back to business!

It has been so long since I did up my cakes.

I have been really busy and all plans of pushing it forward were shelved.

Thank god I had the opportunity to practise my skills again on two diapercakes last week. I wonder if there is enough space in the market for me to really squeeze in if I decide to someday.

Anyway, I made two diapercakes this time round. One is a single-tiered one which I call Sunshine while the other is a three-tiered called Purple Delights! Very delightful experience....especially when doing up the latter. I cannot get really creative with a single-tired cake because the ingredients are limited but I love it when I have many things to work with.

Pictures time!


And of course, my latest favourite  -       PURPLE DELIGHTS!

What you will find in the cake!

So there! I hope there will be more to come...I shall try to squeeze in time no matter how busy :)