I know , I know!

I have not been regularly updating the blog. So many ongoings but there was absolutely no time to spare blogging *super guilty face*.

BUT the O levels are tomorrow which means my job is finally over for the year (at least, towards the students). No more markings, consultation hours, remedials.....YEAH! There will still be work , of course (and I have the school trip to look forward to!) but at least, we have a lot more air to breathe!

Just like night , we made in to town and I FINALLY stepped into H & M. Super slow, right? It is more of the winter season items so didn't really buy much  - a turtleneck top for me and husby bought a hat and leather bracelet. But I did manage to get hold of some items at Honey and Bee :) That's one of my fav stores!

Anyway, it is gonna be a stay-at-home day today .. I have tons of housework to do! Just finished with the laundry and sorting out the bedsheets and curtains.

Agenda for today:
1) Laundry (done)
2) Iron bedsheets / pillow cases etc
3) Get the husby to make the bed and change the sheets
4) Hang laundry
5) Sweep the floor
6) Cook lunch
7) Fold the clothes
8) Bake a diapercake (3 pending sets of photos to be uploaded)
9) Figure out what to do next

Phew! THat's quite a list ... I think I will be tired out and just sleep for point no 9)....hahha! Oh, wait... I want to read! Yes, I have a new book and I think that's what I will do :)

So , have a great Sunday , everyone! I know I will like mine although it doesn't sound exciting at all  :)