Always make sure u smell nice!

I cannot stand body odour.

Unless one is suffering from some kind of illnesses that causes one to smell, I simply cannot understand why some people are oblivious that their odours can 'kill' .

I am sure many of us have had that unfortunate encounters ...where we have to hold our breath , just to be polite and not faint of overbearing body smell.

One just has to smell clean. A deodorant or perfume scent would be a bonus, of course! And I simply cannot resist any perfume sale!

So when I realised that Tins and Bottles @ Century Square is having a pre-renovation sale , I wasted no time ....

Well, I still had to practise some self-restraint and thus, purchase was limited.

But if u live in the east and are thinking of replenishing your perfume supply, this may be a gd time.

The SK II facial essence of 215ml was going for $159. Over the counter of 150ml is abt $130. I got that Bliss by Ferragamo 100ml for $59 and VS body mist for just $16! A pretty good deal, in my opinion!Husby could not decide what else he wanted we settled for that fav Boss scent.

Their renovation starts next week so grab some while u can! ;)

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