Why should we patronise Reebonz?

Reebonz never fails to impress, I tell you!

I have been thinking of gifts to get my two dear colleagues / friends ... planned to give them during the start of the new year actually but somehow, never really managed to as nothing seemed appropriate.

Then yesterday morning, when I was in my usual "warming up" routine in the office, I decided to visit Reebonz. I have not gone to their site for a few months because I do not want to give in to temptations. If you have been to Reebonz, you can understand why!

I saw that they were having a sale for Victoria Secret .That would make a good gift, wouldn't it? I quickly checked the album out and was pleased to see that each set that consisted of the body mist, body lotion and body wash was going for only $45!!!!!

That was a darn good deal! If you purchase in normal stores, each bottle will cost between $19 - $21, depending on where you get them . So even if I take the lowest price, that would cost me $57 per set. Of course I had to grab! To top it off, I used my Mastercard and got an additional 5% off my purchase! Woo hoo!

I decided to get the Wild Scarlet and Secret Ravishing set immediately.

From past experience, I know Reebonz has always been prompt in their delivery - one will usually receive the goods in 3 days.But it is the CNY season afterall thus, I was prepared to wait till after the public hols to get them.

So imagine my huge surprise when the courier came yesterday night!!!!! In less than 24 hours!!!! Now, that is what I call service , you know :)

I also love their new paper bag - very designer-like !

Reminds me of GUESS packaging

I was too busy to buy any wrapping paper or gift boxes to put them in but hey! I should have remembered Reebonz provides everything!


All beautifully wrapped in glossy black boxes and glittery gold ribbon!

Even if you buy those things for yourself, I am sure it feels good to pretend to be receiving gifts, right? Hehhee....

The only minus point was that I had no idea which was which so I HAD to open up one of them .Sigh. Just to check out if I am giving correct fragrance to the correct person. I also discovered that they included 2 packets of (of course, empty) red packets in each package.Not that my friends would need them but hey, we can always use them when attending Chinese weddings :)

I know I am raving as though as I get some kind of commission from Reebonz. But they deserve it for such a wonderful and prompt service.

The other side of the bag. Couture!

So if you are ever clueless as to what gifts to get your loved ones, friends or even for yourself, do not forget to check Reebonz out! It is not often that you will come across such excellent service :)