Pretty ribbons and great food!

Spotlight @ Plaza Singapura has always been my stop whenever I need to get materials for my craft work. Whatever you want, they probably have it. Some of the things are a little on the expensive side so I am always on the lookout for a cheaper alternative.

A few days after the CNY hols, mum brought me to Arab Street. She said there is a shop selling ribbons and other things at relatively cheaper prices.

The shop is called YKK (I think it stands for someone's name - the founder, perhaps). The minute I stepped in , I felt like a kid in a candy shop. There were HUNDREDS of rolls of ribbons, butterflies, pins, masks, feathers, beads, tulle fabrics, ...the list goes on! Why haven't I discovered this place before???

What you see above is just one-third of the whole shop. And my mum was absolutely correct when she said things here are cheaper. An average 1-inch-wide ribbon in Spotlight costs $3 per metre. I bought a whole roll of 30-yards black ribbon for only $10! I wished I could just buy the whole shop... hahaha.... btw, they do not sell the ribbons by length. You have to purchase the whole roll but seriously, it is worth the money. 

I managed to get the things I needed for my diapercakes and enquired on the price of customized ribbons. I'll definitely make a second, third, fourth trip here...

Since it was just a day after the CNY hols, this particular stretch of Arab St was pretty deserted . We were hungry so we started to look for a place to eat. And we found KOH-NANGKAM!

It is situated next to this well-known Briyani place (no idea what the name is) and serves Southern Thai food.

It is just a simple shop with very basic furnishings. We were famished so who cared about all that? I just wanted my food! 

However, my mum and I are trying to lose weight so we decided to order one dish and share. 

Fried Glass Noodles. $5 for  a small one but the serving was big - definitely enough for the 2 of us. But beware! VERY SPICY!

The glass noodles were delicious despite burning our tongues. So if you are not a chilli person, remember to ask them to ease off the chillies. I am quite sure they used many many many stalks of cili padi!

Our drinks came soon after....look at how huge my glass of Lychee drink was!

We had ordered the Clear Tom Yum Soup so I was expecting the really clear (not red- coloured) type which is still amazingly spicy. But we still received the reddish type.

To be fair, it was clear as compared to the kind whereby one can see all the spices floating around. 

The soup was fantastic! One of the best Tom Yam soups I have ever had! I wanna bring the husby here to taste it. 

We also had chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. I was too busy devouring everything though , so no pictures of that . I only remembered to take a photo of it  after everything was gone :P . Too late.

My dad wasn't too impressed with his order which was their version of Briyani rice. Perhaps, it was too 'light' for him - not the typical spices-laden beef briyani.

Look at the amount of oil! Ewwww....

Overall , it was a nice lunch experience. And everything cost $27 which I think is relatively cheap - $9 per person. I know I'll come back here again as well as there are a few other things on the menu that I would like to give a shot at!

So that's how I spent a Thursday afternoon with my dear parents. It is really nice to have just the 3 of us out once in a while :)


Anonymous said...

what is the address for this YKK shop?

FairyQueen said...

Hi there!

It is one of the shophouses along North Bridge Road, nearer to Aliwal Street. It faces the main road so if you walk along the shophouse, you should see it.Let me know if u need further directions, email : :)