My ugly days....

Most of us have probably complained about our ugly days. You know, those instances when you look into the mirror and you just wish and hope that you can stay at home the whole day and not meet people.

Or, the bad hair days. Well, I don't suffer from that since hair is always concealed when I am in public but believe it or not, I have bad tudung days!

But I can still tolerate those times when the tudungs do not behave.

However, I get really really pissed off when that time of the month is approaching and my skin behaves as if it wants the whole world to know the 'fren' is visiting! All the stupid zits will start sprouting out at the weirdest places and in the biggest sizes possible.

Honestly, I have quite satisfactory skin. The skin is not oily, always feels hydrated and it does have a nice glow most of the time. All I need would be BB cream and light compact powder all over and the face will look fresh and matte the whole day.

BUT for one week before the menses come , I feel as if I am transforming into a hideous monster! And that's how I have been feeling the past one week.

There were at least 6 of them and they were red ..with two gigantic and painful ones in between my eyes  :(

Right smack in the middle. And they are painful!
My normally-smooth cheeks tainted with ugly zits.

Oh gross..... I cannot even put on any blusher.

I know they do not look that bad here but that is because the two-way cake conceals them a lil.

That is one beauty sin already! When we have zits , we should not put anything on them besides pimple creams... but without my two-way cake ,all you see are red spots on my face! Even my husby agrees. Sigh sigh.

I usually use Johnson & Johnson Clean and Clear or Clearasil to fight those ugly things. They are rather effective for the normal zits but somehow, do not seem to work on those monstrous ones!

Anyone has any recommendation for zit zapping remedy?

The end of the torturous week is ending though and the zits are all slowly fading away. Say hello to nice skin for the next three weeks!

I shall not think of the dreaded week after that. For now.