First Purchase from Haney Bags


Do you recognise the pretty lady in the picture above?

She is Haney Hadad, an ex-MTV VJ turned Suria actress. She has not been active in the local scene ever since her move to Australia after marriage. Well, she still does appear once in a while in magazine shoots but that's about it.

However, I just recently discovered her line of bags - Haney Bags.

I was just surfing around when I got directed to her Facebook page. Apparently, she has been in this bag business for at least a couple of years in Australia but only launched it in Singapore last year. All the bags are made from genuine leather and are priced approximately between $180 - $350 ...that's rather reasonably priced.

Her bags are pretty stylish - modern and clean cut but what I like most is the variety of colours! I am a sucker for bags of cute, candy colours so I spent quite a while surfing through.

Of course, me being me, got attracted to a tangerine-coloured bag and quickly placed an order.

Oh, she is in Australia still but ships her bags to Sg :)

I still get excited whenever a parcel reaches me!

The outer bag .. dust bag is also provided in white. 

Yeah , my cute little bag!

Ok, here is a better photo of the bag. Love the pop of colour!

I am on a bag-control phase at the moment. I have not been utilising all my bags, especially my Burberry Speedy n Marc Jacobs bag...  plus one or two Coach and KS ...ok , get the idea?) and two of my Kate Spade bags need to be sent for cleaning ASAP. I basically rotate between three bags for school and nothing else. So no more purchasing bags until........ I'll leave it at that at the moment.

But there is no harm surfing around, right? I saw this gorgeous TED BAKER clutch that I WAS considering getting  for Hari Raya this year. BUT it is sold out now... I don't know whether to cry or be thankful...

The Internet connection has been pretty sucky at the moment so that explains the lack of updates. I hope it will be better soon!

Meanwhile, I am going to try to enjoy this weekend because next weekend will be a terribly busy one for me.

Happy Weekend , y'all!


Anonymous said...

Ermm that is a balencegia copy..

Anonymous said...

Opps typo I meant balenciaga

sieedaa said...

Yes a direct copy of the Balenciaga Mini Pompon. Exactly.

dancingfairyqueen said...


Admittedly, I wasn't familiar with Balenciaga when I bought it. I used it twice and THEN I realised that it is a copy! Hehee.... It has been collecting dust in the cupboard ever since, to be honest :P

Trudy said...

I have seen the same copies of her bags in wholesale sites. She shouldn't call herself a designer as her bags are not really genuine one-of-a-kind ones. She resells the bags.