Happy Ever Laughter - no regrets!


I survived the first week of school!

Honestly , it was a little tough mustering up all the energy for school after the June holidays. Yes, we still had to work during the June hols but the pace was definitely slower.

The one thing that kept me going the whole week was the fact that we were going to laugh our asses off at the end of the working week.

Last night , we went to the Esplanade to catch ......


We saw the flyer somewhere in early June and I just knew we had to catch it! I mean , look who the presenters are - Selena Tan , Moses Lim , Chua Enlai, Siti Khalijah, Gurmit, Judee, Sebastian, Michelle Chong, Hirzi & Munah, Najip and of course, our very own Kumar!

We went for the 8pm show and it was such a rush as we had to perform our Maghrib prayers first at the Sultan Mosque. And the traffice to Esplanade had to be super duper slow.With just ten minutes to the start of the show, we joined the extremely long queue of cars going into the carpark. Husby decided to drop me off first while he went to find parking elsewhere.

So I went in alone and left his ticket at the front desk. I looked as if I was stood up by my date with the single empty seat beside me. Not too bad though , husby reached about ten minutes and only missed a tiny part of the first act!

And so my night of tummy-hurting and mind-blowing laughter began! Only ten minutes into the show , I already felt like I had been laughing for a lifetime!

This was how it went. The 12 presenters took turns to perform their stand-up comedies, each giving their own interpretation of what happiness is and of course, that included all the sexist, racist , crude and all types of jokes in between. There were many memorable ones but I am not gonna spoil it here :)

My favourites (as expected) were Selena Tan, Najip, Gurmit, Khalijah and Kumar...while the unexpected favourite was Judee Tan. Omg, she's god-damn funny!!! She carried out her character really well. The least funny , in my opinion , was Moses Lim. Heh. But I have never really thought he is a funny guy , anyway.

An interesting thing to note was that unlike any other shows, the audience is free to snap pics or take videos (as long as there was no flash) since happiness = no restrictions :P But I doubt anyone really took because you wouldn't want to miss any part of the jokes.

This was the only photo I captured in the theatre...

I really had a blast , and it was worth every penny spent! I should plan an exciting event for every weekend so that I do not dread the working weekdays :)

Tickets are almost sold out for every show - we were lucky to even manage to get the Category 2 tickets yesterday as there were only a few left. BUT the happy people are going to add one more show on 8 July 2012.

Don't miss this chance to laugh at yourself and others at the same time! No regrets, I promise! But make sure you are above 18 :P