Our flea market!

How long has it been since my last post?

I can hardly remember.

But I have a valid reason (or even, reasons) for being away for so long, you know. And almost all have to do with school work so I do not think I shall bother to list them down.

This week spells the last week of lessons with the Sec 3s , after which it is bye bye bye to markings until next year. I still cannot believe I am finally going to reach the stage of no marking. In fact, the most recent Saturday was one of the most luxurious one I have ever had in a long, long time.

No, we did not go for a getaway or a staycation. Basically, I just slept. I continued my sleep from 7am all the way to 10am. Woke up , bathed, brought mum and nephew out for breakfast, went home ... and guess what? I slept again for the next 3 hours. In addition, I had slept early the night before , knocking off very soon after we reached home from Aidiladha celebration at about 10pm.

I have been sleeping and eating a lot the past weeks, and I know I must have put on at least a kg or two. But I shall talk about that another time.

One of the interesting things I did recently was to take part in a flea market with some of my cousins and aunties. It was kinda like a spur of the moment thingy but I am glad I was part of it! The rain was a little of a dampener and we didn't sell much on the first day. However, things picked up on the second day and the crowd was pretty amazing!

It went a little crazy towards the evening when an aunt decided to bring down the prices to ridiculously low levels. Imagine my pretty, pretty shawls which were originally priced at $5 gping down to $2 at 5 pm, $1 at 7 pm and 50 Cents at 8pm!They were already selling well at $5 so I was a little sad when it went down to $1. That included all the tops and bags... hahaha.... but well, they have been taking up too much space in the house and I rarely used them anymore. So, good riddance! My shelves (for the shawls) look rather bare at the moment and I am having difficulty finding shawls to match my outfits. What a perfect excuse to shop now! :P

We called our stall "Kitty Flea". It sounded cute as first ....until my dad mentioned that it translated to 'Kutu Kucing' in Malay. Haha! That's my aunt who printed all the signages and labels.

The two buddies having their Avengers /s Power Rangers fight AGAIN.

Dearest cute Adam Iman who wow-ed the crowd with his Gangnan style dance on the second night. People literally stopped to just watch him dance!

 Yes, husbands and boyfriends were all down to help. Family bonding!

My dad with his beloved grandson, grandniece and grandnephew - having a ball of a time on a Spiderman mat under the MRT tracks. Yes, my family members sure know how to self-entertain!

It was a really great experience working with all of them. We also had a very efficient method to track the revenue and when the time came for me ( yes, the so-called Math expert...haha !) to do the calculations of income and expenses and distribute the money accordingly, it was all done in a jiffy! The labels really helped a lot .

They are gonna go for another flea in January. I am not sure if I would be able to participate this time round - we shall see how it goes. But hey, I truly had a wonderful time with my maternal family this first time round! :)