Chop chop chop!

I had this horrible, horrible migrane during the prelims marking period. It was not surprising though because I had very little sleep, very little rest and had tons of markings on top of the lesson preparations, remedials and CCA session.

This happens every year and I can say I was kinda expecting it.

But one morning, I really could not contain it much longer as I felt like the head was going to burst anytime and I had to have that much self-restraint , in order not to bang my head against the wall. I left school after my last lesson at 11 am to catch some sleep - thought that would help.

I went over to my sister's place for that nap and when I woke up, mum started nagging at me about the length of my hair. She said my butt-length hair was the main cause of my headache. I refused to listen because I did not want to cut my hair - I love the length and the curls lah! But you know , even at this age, I still listen to my mum  a lot so I had no choice but to let her drag me to the hair salon.

She brought me to her regular hairdresser in a neighbourhood area. I used to go there a lot while I was schooling - last visit was when I was 15 years old. It was a rather nostalgic moment when I stepped into the salon and realised that not much has changed. The sister who does the haircut is still as friendly and pretty as ever, despite the many years we have not met.

So anyway, my mum told her how much to cut (SOB!!!) while I just sat there , biting my teeth in an attempt to alleviate the pain. I was pretty sad looking at the how much of the hair is gone (it is now a few inches below my shoulders).

The hairdresser suggested doing the henna treatment as she claimed it will 'cool' the heaty head and get rid of the migrane.  Ooooh....I love the henna treatment! I  love the smell of henna . In addition,  the cooling effect was almost immediate.

She then applied this scalp lotion which gave a very 'airy' feeling and made my whole head feel super light - as if I had no hair. That was a very shiok moment for me ....hahahahaha.........

A permanent fixture in my bathroom now

All in all, my whole visit only cost me $75. If I had gone to my usual place at Janzten , that would easily cost at least $300.

Verdict: Headache was gone and my scalp actually felt really cool for the next few days. The smell of henna was pretty strong though and I really didn't mind it (in fact, I love it!) but husby could not wait for the smell to go off.

I have been advised to go for henna treatment once every two months to prevent such migranes in the future. I think I will do just that :)