January Bellabox - loved!

We all love surprises, don't we? Especially the ladies - we squeal in delight and grin like a kid whenever our boyfriend/husband/friends/parents or anyone drops a surprise on us. I am no stranger to that.

I knew my Bellabox for January was on the way but with all the on-goings in my dailylife, I did not even think about it like the previous months. In fact, I pretty much forgot all about it this week until the doorbell rang at 10pm last Friday.

That was a pretty late timing, though . I was in the shower so husby answered the door. After showering and going through my usual facial routine, I went straight to bed. I was so darn tired by the end of 5 days worth of work that all I really wanted to do was SLEEP!

And sleep, I did... all the way till about 9 the next morning. I had already pre-warned husby that besides the dawn prayer, he was not to disturb my snooze!

I only opened my Bellabox at about 12 noon the next day.... ahhh.... I was pleased with what I saw. In fact, I think this is one of the better ones.

It is interesting that Bellabox seems to know me better ....got magic , is it? Whatever they sent this time round , I would definitely use ! (Psssttt..... I do not like receiving nail polishes. I never do my own nails because I absolutely suck at painting nails. Bellabox, if you hear me, please omit that off all future mails.... heehee)

So here are the things in my January Bellabox:

First and foremost, it came in a CNY packaging which I thought was pretty cute. Definitely better than the previous National Day one :P

This month, all subscribers are entitled to a discount if they make any purchase on bellabox.sg . I think I shall be getting my stock for the Enavose exfoliator.

And I always welcome facial masks in my monthly Bellabox. I realised that I have not been  buying facial masks as often because I always seem to have new ones to try out. Not complaining!

I have walked past the counter of SKIN FOOD numerous times in ISETAN @ Parkway Parade yet, have never bought anything there. It is quite pricey and I am not sure if it will work for my skin. So , this sample is a good chance for me to try them out. 

I have tried this out the past couple of days before using my Clarins emulsion.. Not bad, it makes the make up stay matte for quite a long while. 

Cute! SKINMISO nose pore pack with  a tool to press out your whiteheads/blackheads. I was excited to see this in the box because that means I can try it out on my husband :P I am his whiteheads extractor , if there is such a term.  

HAHA......I will always forget to redeem any free gifts. I'd rather these people just give it to me than 
having me make the extra effort to go and redeem. 

So how did Bellabox know that I was looking for a wide-toothed comb for my wavy hair? Good 
customer service or fairygodmother? 

I just love the anticipation each month when I know my Bellabox is coming. Just another way of pleasing myself and as a small perk-me-up.

Have you got your Bellabox?