My darling nephew...

It is officially the 8th day of school for 2013.

Same old routines apply each year although this year, for the first time in a long long long time ,I do not have a graduating class as my form class. I was given 3A1 - so far, so good. Students have been really good and obedient but oh is only the 8th day of school. Horns are not out yet :P

Nothing much has bothered me yet except for the fact that I do not see my little nephew as often.

The little boy has started kindergarten. Instead of his usual school hours in the morning, he is now in school from 1 - 5pm and that means I no longer have the chance to bring him out in the afternoons. Our library visits have to be adjusted to evening times, whenever possible.

The past few years of his existence has brought me (and I am sure him, too!) much joy whenever we go out on our afternoon escapades. We have been to so many places / do activities together that even sometimes I forget what we have done and will be pleasantly surprised when he suddenly talks about a past event/activity (that boy has superb memory, I tell ya!) .

Just on Tuesday when we went over to his place, he suddenly blurted out in the middle of play:-

N (Nephew) : Mak Long, when can you come again?
Me: Why do you want me to come again?
N: You come lah so that you read me (a) book, we draw draw and study, play play-doh, go Alice minimart buy Barley. Then we go (to the) playground, we sit on the chair (bench!) and talk. After that , I play slides 10 times, you watch. Then we play monkey bar, then we go home lah.
Me: *dumbstruck*

He was basically listing all those things we usually do when I decide to just chill with him after school at his home, rather than going out. Quality time, they say. So touched that he remembers them really well but sad that there is very little chance of that happening again.

Yes, my dear Mustaqim, I miss our chit-chat sessions at the playground. I love talking to you and sometimes, I even find myself confiding in you. You are so young yet so matured at times!

An afternoon at the playground

Smart boy playing Junior Scrabble 

With the Mickey umbrella we bought at Toys 'R Us

After one of the library visits.... This is one way to stop him from asking for the phone!

Lil boy who is always eager to learn (in this case, ketupat weaving) but doesn't always succeed :P

I am going to miss our English and Math afternoon sessions big time !

We can no longer meet as often but I will definitely want to make time for you.  You are growing up way too fast and I would want to be part of your journey , no matter how small my part is :(

Our recent escapade at Changi Beach after morning breakfast nearby. My Dad wrote  "M Love M" in the sand and  asked nephew what that meant. He exclaimed," Mustaqim loves Mak Long!" YEAH!

And so , I shall end the post with the cheeky one and his favourite Chuppa Chupps!

I love u , darling! See you soon!