What a letdown, #Dollz!

If you know me personally, you would know how much I love the shawls from Sahara Shawl.

I have lost count of how many I have because I just keep buying online since I do not really have the time to go down to their boutique. The shawls are pretty and of good quality, and that includes their line of clothing - always worth the price!

Recently I went to their boutique to get shawls and saw that they are now stocking up clothes from #Dollz collection. #Dollz, from what I gather on the Internet, is a collaboration by Norfasarie,a Suria artiste, and Fatimah Mohsin, a well-known local make-up artist.

I picked a sweet translucent yellow loose-fit blouse and asked for a new piece. The salesgirl said the clothes come in one piece only. Since I was in a hurry (ok, my fault here...), I just went ahead to pay for the blouse and my earlier chosen shawls without checking the blouse, like how I usually do when purchasing clothes. 

Only when I was in the cab to go home later, did I realise that there was a hole near the front pocket. It was quite significant, about 1.5cm in diameter. I thought of just sewing it back myself but my cousin highlighted that the material was quite thin and I might do more damage than good. 

Alright.... I called the boutique and they told me to return it within 7 days. 

I went down 5 days later , thinking that I would replace the blouse with a shawl (of the same price) since I remembered that there was no other tops that I liked. Imagine my surprise when the salesgirl for that day said that she would exchange it with a new piece! Hmmm..... I thought they come in only a piece for each design?

But never mind, I checked the new piece thoroughly and went home. 

I wore the blouse the next day to work.

It was exams day that day and all I did was invigilate in the hall and sit at my cubicle to mark. No stretching of arms , no vigorous movements - really just stood and sat.

Thus, imagine my horror when I met my mum after school and she said there was a gaping hole at the back of my already-very-loose blouse!!! 

See photos!!!

Thank god I had my tudung on .... but every now and then when the wind blew, it was there for all to see! Although I wore an inner tee, it was embarrassing all the same.

I did not know who to blame.... afterall, I checked the blouse before buying. However, mum did say that usually this material is not used to make clothes because it is so thin and will tear easily. Urrrrrgggghhhhh!!!

$39 gone just like that ! 

I am feeling disappointed and pissed off, at the moment. Both at #Dollz for choosing such poor/wrong quality for their clothes and myself for just being ignorant.