It has always been our 'hobby' to check out new eating places.

Old Town White Coffee is not new though.... we have passed one of the branches so many times whenever we are at Whitesands and just a couple of months ago, husby was lamenting , " I don't understand why it is not Halal."

Well, fret no more because it is HALAL now!

I have been following @HalalSg on Twitter for a month now and I was excited to see on their timeline that OTWC is one of the few places that just received their Halal certifications. One more place for the tummy to!!!!

Since the announcement a few weeks back, we have been to the Whitesands outlet twice - once for tea and the other for breakfast, and the East Coast outlet once, for supper.

Plus point : The d├ęcor for both outlets are pretty simple , more of the 'old-school' look. I do like the very quaint and retro interiors - we both are suckers for anything old and retro :) And oh, there's aircon! A very important factor in our decision making ...heehee....

These were some of the dishes we had......

Love the colour of the cup and saucer....Hot dark chocolate. A little bitter but good *slurp*

I think this was his Hokkien mee , with soup.

I wanted the prawn noodles but wrote down my order number wrongly and got Nasi Lemak instead, for dinner! Oh, the FATSSSSSS....... but this was good. The sambal also came with squids (sambal sotong) which is quite rare for a standard  set of this dish outside. 

Sorry, I really cannot remember what this is! Hahahaha..... I think he had this when we had supper at East Coast.

Omega 3 Half-boiled eggs......sounds expensive? Honestly , I do not really care about the quality of eggs that I eat. To me, they all taste good just because they are eggs! Cheapo ones also can!

His Kaya Toast

I love this! The chicken is fine, nothing too fanciful but the breads are so so soft ....because they were freshly steamed! I would have asked for more bread if not for the eggs earlier.


Well, food is alright. Some are much better than the rest , of course. These are hawker fare so to pay so much for something you can get at normal hawker centres is definitely something to ponder over. Our latest breakfast there cost us $29.

But I am not complaining. I love hearing of new Halal places because that'll just be good news for my tum - tum :P

Penang Culture food next !