Get organised - Finding Homes!

I am a naturally messy person. Not messy in my work or outlook but very much messy and disorganised in the way I keep my things.

I would start with arranging things nicely but after that , I just dump everything in any space I have. It would not be visible though because everything is tucked away in boxes or drawers but if you look inside, you can seriously faint. Not joking.

My husby is the exact opposite. 90% of his things are organised and he knows where to find his receipts, belongings etc. I basically just lose everything. Maybe reading all those 'How to Keep Yourself Organised' books really did help.

Even his work cubicle is soooooo much nicer and neater than mine! I get quite jealous whenever I go over to his school and sits at his desk.

I'll show you mine first.

That stack of papers has been there since forever!

Another stack....perhaps they are meant to be permanent fixtures at my cubicle :P

Boring boring....super boring. I shall go find ribbons to spice things up a little. 

And now you will see his......................

Seriously? It looks like a toy shop and everything is neatly filed and placed in separate shelves at the side. Oh Wow... and check out his cool phone !

His advice to me was everything must have a home. It is much easier to clear any mess when we know where every single piece is supposed to go.

That's my main problem actually. I would just dump my things in any storage space available. As long as it looks nice and neat from outside, I don't really care about how it looks inside. Heh. So unladylike yah?

I have tried to improve slowly though and it has worked whenever my things have their proper homes. Amazingly though , I have managed to keep up with the neatness (only when the homes are specific).

Recently I bought this inner scarves organiser from an online seller Sue Tariq. .. and I am seriously recommending it to anyone out there who wants to their inner scarves or socks to be neatly arranged and easy to grab!

This used to be how I stored my inner scarves. I do suffer from mild OCD where everything that I wear must match. Pink shawl must have its own pink inner scarf and the shade must be similar. That explains the numerous number of inner scarves I have. But messy! 

I like how the stripes remind me of one of the COACH designs :P

Each slot can contain 2 inner scarves for me - I roll them. There are 36 slots together so definitely enough for my 48 inners !

Neat or what??? When I took the photo, some of my inner scarves were still in the machine. After putting them in, I had about 5 slots left . They were used for my socks :)
I super love my inner scarves organiser. The measurements are just right to be placed in one of my drawers. It has been a few weeks now and they still look neat. This is definitely for keeps!

Another shop I would like to share for great storage boxes and home products etc would be Howard Storage. Husby and I have bought many things there  - from soap dispensers, laundry basket to even toilet paper holders. I love their designs and their functionality as well. 

Aesthetically pleasing yet practical - best combo ever! 

I have been wanting to purchase this acrylic organiser for my make up but they cost $135. I thought it was little too expensive so the plan has been shelved so many times.. until recently when I noticed the price went down to $68.75! Yeah!!!

The one at the back is recommended for jewellery but I use it to store my make up instead. The lipstick holder costs about $15  (cannot remember exact price). I originally bought the lipstick holder for my mum until I realised that she only has two colours that she rotates each day so I decided it would be a waste to give that to her :P 

I then spent about half an hour going through what I had and  throwing out those I rarely use or  were past their shelf lives. Oh god...the amount of nonsense I stored!

It is seriously  very therapeutic doing such things ...and I love the end product!

The lipstick/cream holder on top left costs about $25. I like how the organiser has a flat top - that enabled me to add on the separates.  

From top to bottom:
 Lipstick ,handcream , eye cream, liners
blushers and individual eyeshadow pots
concealer, highlighters, more eyeshadown pots
foundation, pressed powder, two-way cakes
eyeshadow and lip palettes

Now I really understand what the husby meant when he said that life is easier when everything has its own home. I no longer find myself digging through my 3 make up bags to find just that one item now that I know where everything is. The see through acrylic case makes it even easier as I can see the items before even pulling out the drawers.

I feel so neat (at least only in this are) that it feels surreal.... hahahahah.... told ya I am a naturally messy person so this is a HUGE progress for me!

One of the compartments in my wardrobe (yup, I have no dresser)... super much neater than how it used to be.
The black round Anna Sui inspired container is where the many rings go to,  the two candylicious cans (bought from Candylicious store at USS)  are for my flower and ribbon brooches, and the brown box is for my other brooches.
Notice the photo frame?That's of bestie and I after our graduation. We went to some makeover studio...hahah....we looked kinda funny there!

As I have mentioned, we love going to Howard Storage! I can spend a long time inside looking at everything and imagining which ones I would need for the home (but we all know that women always end up buying unnecessary things, agree?)

But the things there are a little pricey and I always have to think twice or thrice , and make two or three trips, before deciding if I should get them. There is no point waiting for sales because they rarely have them. :(

My friends and colleagues (and if you follow me on Instagram) would know how crazy I am over bags, shoes and accessories! Again, all I did was dump them into a big box until I decided to get the stands from Howard Storage.

This faces my bed and has been filled up , to my joy. Our bedroom is pretty simple so I love how these colours brighten up the place. Some were gifts while others were bought from anywhere and everywhere. My favourite places would be Louvisa, Diva and ALDO.
The stand was about $26 each.

As for the mister, he opted for this stackable storage boxes from the same place. There is no cover and you can just buy more and stack them up, when necessary. 

If you had noticed, together with my make up strorage, there is a 3-level wooden box. It works the same way as husby's one... just stack but you can buy the lid separately as well.

The interior  of each level varies... you can get those suitable for storing rings, necklaces, cuff links etc.. My third level is the same as the one on the right. Again, I've forgotten the price but it should be about $20 -25 per level. .. got to buy all separately.

We really like this Howard Storage store. If I have the moolah, almost every imaginable storage in my house will be from there.  Our only wish now is for it to embark on some VIP / membership loyalty perks that we can enjoy ... hehe...

Well, that's a small part of me that has been organised (and still going on strong) . I hope to work on my toiletries storage next  and then to the more ambitious area - the kitchen. I have very little time left though - school hols are coming to an end - so please do not expect too much . Heh

Hope this helps a little for similarly messy people out there!

Remember, get homes!