Getting Wiser.....not!

I have been unwell a few times this school hols - it really sucks! No energy to upload photos, no mood to do work....all I wanna do is chill.

Right now, while still recovering from flu, I am having a bad toothache.

It has been going on for about 5 days now and the initial days were really a pain in the a**.

I have heard so many horror stories regarding wisdom teeth extractions and I seriously wished that would never ever happened to me.

That remains a wish still because I just came back from the dentist today and he hereby announced that I have gum inflammation plus 3 wisdom teeth waiting to be extracted!!! Worse, this must be done in 4 stages which means prolonged agony.


I already HATE going to the dentist and now I am expected to go FOUR times.... Oh gosh.....

My gums are pretty inflamed (due to the position of one wisdom tooth)  at the moment so the dentist did not advise to do any extractions yet. He did some scaling and polishing of all my teeth to prevent the problem from escalating.

Even that I had to ask for numbing cream ... for practically my entire mouth. I seriously have an extremely low tolerance of pain for anything that goes around in the mouth. YIKES!

However, it did help that the staff and dentist at Q & M Tampines One were extremely nice, friendly and genuinely very caring. The counter staff were very welcoming. The dentist and his assistant nurse told me to stop them every now and then if I could not withstand the pain as they would not want any patient to feel uncomfortable.And, the dentist really did ask me every now and then if he could proceed, if I needed a break , if I just wanted to take a breather. Such a sweetie,

SO different from my horrible experience at their Whitesands branch where their PRC receptionist was curt and rude, and the dentist nowhere near the standard of just now.

Anyway, I am due for the first extraction next week - I'll probably try to get an appointment on Friday so that I can have the weekend to recover.

Ciao for now.