I have been patient, RIDICULOUSLY patient with this stoooooooppiiiiiiddddddd (read: stupid) company that claims to be a reputable online seller when it is obviously NOT! is probably a SCAM right through. 

I cannot believe I was so careless and did not do a pre-research on them, after what happened with Singsale (which in retrospect, seems so mild now)!

*bangs head against the wall a million times*

I placed an order for a COACH wristlet on Dec 27, 2013. The only right thing I did was to order only one item - I always caution myself not to do big orders on a new site. 

I am a loyal fan of Reebonz but is so widely advertised on Facebook that I assumed it must be safe. The website also looks very clean-cut like that of Reebonz and is very user-friendly. It even has the option of express delivery and an online support system. 

Oh, all the shit.

Up till now, Feb 4, I have not received my item at all.

I could understand that when I placed my order, it was post Christmas and then it was the upcoming new year - postages do tend to get delayed during festive seasons. However, I am pretty sure they do not get delayed for a month, especially when the company is based locally.

Still, the main thing that drives me soooooooo mad is how flippant they can be at responding to customer's emails and always taking the easy way out by promising to deliver by a certain date. Same trick , again and again.

I'm going to be real transparent here and let you see how irresponsible these people are.

Round 1 

My first email to them was on Jan 7  which I did not manage to capture. They had sent me an email earlier indicating that I would receive my order a week after New Year's day.
Their reply:

To this , I got no response.

Round 2 

I waited for a few days before emailing them again on Jan 15. No reply. 

I called the next day(Jan 16) and asked the lady about my order. She replied that the parcel would only reach them the week after and then it would take 3 days to reach me. 

I got really fed-up and told her that it was meant to be a new year's gift and I did not understand why they promised me 2 different dates yet, could not deliver. What kind of professionals did they claim to be? 

Suddenly she said she could put in an urgent notice and get it sent to me that Saturday, 18 Jan 2014. Oh wow... suddenly the parcel could reach them instantly . Magic, is it?


Round 3 

I emailed them on Jan 19 , asking why my item still did not reach me despite them promising to deliver by the 18th.
Their reply (Jan 20):
So now it has become end of January. 

I replied, stating my absolute unhappiness about how they did not deliver what they promised and their stories kept changing. I did not, however, expect them to reply with the most 'hilarious' one ever. This takes the cake.

Dear Ms Andrea Vaguez,
Please explain how in the world could my parcel have reached me on 27 Jan when it was only 20 Jan? Was I supposed to take a time machine or something?

By this time, I knew they were probably taking me for a ride and I asked the husby if I should bring this up to the authorities. I had CASE in mind but that was Week 3 of the school term and things have started to be too hectic for me to entertain such nonsense by these corrupt people. I was ready to lose my money then. 

But for fun , I emailed back .... dying to know how they would respond.

To which I received no acknowledgement ,whatsover. Why am I not surprised? 

I had, honestly , given up at this point of time but I thought... oh well, let's just wait till the 27th.

Jan 27 came and went by peacefully.

Round 4 

Their reply

Jerna Bustamante, you did not even bother to address me by my salutation. I am sure it's because you just had too many complaints to respond to.

So that's enough evidence to conclude that they are nothing but idiots who think we have nothing to do but wait around for our items. 

I have been an avid online shopper for years and this is the first time ever that I truly feel I have been scammed. 

I am not unreasonable and I can understand if something takes a long time to reach , especially if the item comes from overseas. I have bought things from overseas and they barely take 3 weeks to arrive ( can even deliver in 4days !). Whatever it is, their endless promises and lies regarding the many delivery dates are just too appalling to stomach.

I am hoping that my cough will go away soon so that I can call and scream at them one last time. 

I know I am not the only pissed off customer because if you just simply google, out of 10 reviews on, 9 are bad ones! Such an apt name - they give you FEVER! 

I'll update if I ever hear anything from them or if I decide to take this case further (I doubt so though...).

Meanwhile, I shall stick to the boutiques, or Reebonz for my designer feeds.

Remember, avoid at all costs! 


Errah said...

Wow, this is extremely bad!!!!!

hase said...

Chanced upon your blog and i must say i'm hooked reading it ! Got me clicking away on all the other posts . Love the way you express yourself candidly.Keep it going :)

dancingfairyqueen said...

Thanks Hase! Do come back... there will be updates soooooob

Reuben said...

Hi, may I know if the item eventually reached you? Thanks!

Jess said...

Similar! Do not trust this site ever!!!

dancingfairyqueen said...

Hi Reuben!

Yes, it reached me sometime in early April....after a few more calls. The funny thing was during the last call, the lady said it will reach me only in early May. I kinda screamed at her and she got a bit flustered. Then someone in the background said something to her and she replied," We'll send out your item tomorrow."
I received the parcel about 4 days later.

How do we explain that???

dancingfairyqueen said...

Never ever !