Wedding Deco

I am still alive!

Yes, I am .... just have been crazily busy.

And I am seriously considering if I should pursue this track at work that I have chosen. It's a different kind of stress which , ironically, I like. However, I do not know if I can.

On a more cheerful note, we are really working on brother's wedding currently.

It used to seem so far away but now it is only six months from now! We have been slowly planning, budgeting , sourcing for vendors etc but now everything has been somewhat confirmed.

I have no idea how husby and I planned everything for our own wedding, from A to Z, in just six months 5 years back. The organisational skills picked up at work must have been really useful.

Anyway, the first thing we decided on was the vendor for his wedding decor. I really loved my decor vendor back then and I told him that we have to get her (the same lady) no matter what. If we have to shift the date just so that she is available, so be it.

Here are some peeks into the kind of decor DaunDco Wedding is capable of:

This is Fairytale-themed. I love the colours! And look at how a blown-up photo of the couple peeks out in the middle of the dais. 

I am a sucker for details! Those are bubbles with teddy bears in them.

Another similar dais.I don't really fancy those hanging leaves at the dais but that's only it. I Like everything else!

This is her open-concept dais where there are no drapes above it. 

The chivery chairs make it so much lovelier. This is the wedding of an ex-student. 

Simple yet inviting

And yes, we managed to book the dates with Kak Janah! Yeah!...what theme it will be shall be a secret for now :) My parents were quite pleased with the catering menu and food (we went to her showcase last year) so brother is taking the entire package from her.Can't wait!

We have confirmed 90% of the vendors and it is getting more exciting by the minute. Of course, there is always that un-fun bit of budgeting. If only there is endless amount of money in his bank account... hahahah....

It is quite fun to be an unofficial wedding planner. I do sometimes imagine myself doing it for a living... it must be quite an enriching career, isn't it?