TOMODACHI! @ Whitesands Shopping Centre

One of my favourite pastimes is to eat and one of my favourite food is Japanese cuisine. 

Unfortunately , there isn't much choice of HALAL Japanese food in Singapore. Thus, I go crazy everytime I go to KL.... always insisting to have a good Jap meal at least once. (I don't mind doing it all the time but husby is not really a fan)

There used to be Ramen Ten but that no longer exists. Since then , I have been a loyal costumer of Hei Sushi. I am definitely not an expert at Japanese cuisine but I think Hei Sushi is not bad. Their sashimi is always rather fresh , chawanmushi is soft and tasty...the only thing I am not satisfied with is the wasabi. I have tasted better and more powerful one and I just feel that the one at Hei Sushi is only so-so. 

I have been following @halalsg for quite some time now on Twitter (admin is really cool and funny!) and jumped when it mentioned that TOMODACHI at Whitesands has finally attained its official Halal cert. YEAH!

The first time I went there was with the husby.

It worked just like how the previous Mad Jack did at the same location - u tick your order on the given list and pay at the counter, before your food is served.

Located between Tom & Stephanie and the POSB ATMs on level 2

The weather is always hot so these are great thirst quenchers!

Chawanmushi - I prefer the one at Hei Sushi. This has a weird taste, in my opinion. 

Mushroom Itame - Shimeji, Enoki & Shitake mushrooms in buttery, light soy sauce.
It doesn't look that appetizing here but the photo does not justify the taste. I like this although I thought they could have eased off on the soy sauce a little. I could also have been biased because I simply love Enoki! For $13.90, this was worth the money. 

Favourite sashimi! Comparable to Hei Sushi

YUMSSSSSS..... The wasabi here is better than the one served at Hei Sushi, more 'kick'! I need lots of wasabi for my sushis so this was a favourite moment during the meal :)

Chicken Ramen - According to the husby , it is not bad. I didn't think much of the presentation though..

This looks good but no, it is not. Very dry. The only saving grace was the chocolate sauce which probably came straight from the Hershey's bottle. 

The next visit to the same place with my cousins and Aunt (otherwise known as 'Makan Kakis') involved a much wider variety of food. We had the tempura, soup, salad .... but I took no photos of all those because I was just so famished!

With Ainul - My partner-in-crime when it comes to food!

We were all trying to make my aunt (in blue)  eat some sushi as she has never had one before... alas..we failed even after much coaxing. What only!

She touched none of those..... ok , maybe one or two of those fish roe balls.

Looks pretty..and that's about it. We have tasted Rainbow cakes where each coloured layer carries a slightly different taste from one another. This tasted the same throughout , just like a normal sponge cake. The one at "I am" Cafe is definitely better. 

All in all, I still prefer Hei Sushi but that does not mean I would not patronize Tomodachi anymore. It is, afterall, near my home and it is not that bad. At least, it provides an alternative to just Manhattan or Old Town White Coffee each time we need to dine at Whitesands. I shall always try to support Halal establishments provided, of course, the food served is palatable. 

I am looking forward to my next makan outing with my Makan Kakis. We should be heading to Teppanyaki at Kembangan! (I've been to their now-defunct Thomson branch)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!