A Little Time Off

It is very rare that we both get to have afternoon dates. I can count on one hand the number of times we end early enough to have a late lunch outside together.

Yes, contrary to what some people may think, we do not have a half a day of work. That is soooooooooo old school!

Anyway, we managed to have one during that last lap of Mid year exam marking.

We didn't really know where to go so we just drove around for a while and eventually ended at up at The Royals Cafe along Siglap Road.

We have been here once. Besides their already famous cakes, The Royals Cafe is also known for their Mee Siam . I had that for my first visit so I thought I wanted to try something else from the menu.

In the end I decided to go for some chicken meatballs. The fish and chips did not look too appetising on the menu and I did not want mee siam.

It was not bad actually. The home made sauce was tangy and a little sweet at the same time. Maybe not as great as the meatballs at Fika Cafe (ok , drooling at the thought of that!) but enough to satisfy me then.

There isn't much to rave about this place... I guess they should really just stick to what they are good at - cakes! Thank goodness for the great company.

You know, times like this (rare dates with the other half) often make me reflect on life and count my blessings.

As humans, we are never satisfied. There is always something that we wish to have or yearn for. We tend to complain about every single thing; packed restaurants, slow transportation, busy working life and the list really just goes on. We forget about those less fortunate than us and how we are so so blessed to be living here and enjoying the comfortable lives as compared to others. 

Life has not been easy for the two of us; a little more challenging the past couple of months. However, I am really thankful that Allah has blessed me with someone who does not only understand my woes, but to actually go through my hardest obstacles with me - never letting me down , never leaving me unprotected, always, always ,always there for me and showering me with so much love. 

My husband.

I pray to God to always keep him blessed and healthy . Just keep him happy here and  after we part the world.

As for now, I also hope God answers that tiny little prayer of ours :)

I love you, husband.


Umi Osman said...

Argggh yes singsale items will take ages to arrive. N by the time you will completely forgot abt it. N dun ever buy from them ever again...their shipping charges now varies (juz look at the breakdown of my final receipt copy)...not worth waiting n money anymore. Juz shpped with them n guess its gonna be my last. So dissapointed!

dancingfairyqueen said...

Still? Sigh ...I guess they never change. Do not buy from Brandsfever also....that is absolutely worse! You can check out my review on them. Idiots.

AM said...

I ordered from singsale 2 June 2014 till now I did not received. No tracking in their system. Very poor service. I would not recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad for me I didnt check out the review first. :(

Message to Singsale: HELP!! I hope i can just refund this item. i am planning to give this to my new born nephew this November. but it seems to me that I'll be waiting for another 1 month or so. As you can see obviously, I ordered an item for an infant for size 3-6 mos! This is useless! This is too frustrating already. It added more frustration that after receiving a generic email from one of your customer support specialists, no one has ever reply to my next messages (either no one can provide an answer or there is nothing they can do on their part). Why is that?! This is my first and last purchase I will ever have on you guys. I didnt spend a big amount of money - but that is not even my concern at all but I put my trust on your service and this is all I got? Wow. I just wish others wont have this kind of experience.

J said...

Hi, I've recently ordered from Singsale and after i clicked 'confirm payment' the page went blank. Now I'm not sure if they got my particulars. :( there's nothing under 'my orders' too. May I know how the page look like after confirm payment?

tom said...

Singsale sucks! I ordered and waited for a month only to hear a reply from them that they LOST my mail. They asked if i want to wait for the parcel because there is delay in custom checking so i complied. Another few weeks past, inbetween i have been asking for the status of my parcel but no one replied. Upon filing a chargeback, they replied afew days after asking if i want a refund. How ridiculous is that?

upset said...

I'm super regretted of purchasing expensive item with singsale. item was not even dispatch and i send message to singsale they reply me with the standard answer. ask them what is the reason of delaying they don't respond, Totally disappointed and upset.
can buy cheap and offer item but not expensive item as you will be regretted like me

dancingfairyqueen said...

Did u get your items eventually?

dancingfairyqueen said...

Hi J! Sorry I didn't see your comment. I remember they sent me a confirmation through email. Did you get your order in the end?

dancingfairyqueen said...

HI Tom! Care to share what happened eventually? Did u even get a refund?

Stephanie Yeo said...

Bought plenty of stuff there over time. The more recent orders either never got delivered or damaged (cast iron pots, handle missing, scratches and rust, coffee jar broken). Refund is also quite impossible. My items were ordered in Dec. My complaints in Mar is still pending. Out of 4 items, 3 are still pending refund. This doesn't even count last year's orders (Ranging from $6.00 to $200) which I am quite sure there might be some un-refunded as well where i had forgotten about them due to wrong deliveries.

dancingfairyqueen said...

I am amazed they haven't closed down with all the complaints going around.