Is this for real?

First and foremost, let's welcome a new member to my family!

My little brother ( ok , not so little now ) got married to his sweetheart last weekend.

It was a wonderful weekend indeed and I am so so thankful that everything went well. We had so much fun , in actual fact. Hanging out with my relatives was a pretty overwhelming yet enjoyable experience and if I could do it again , I would ! For the fun.

It was tiring actually.

The vendors we had were great and I really hope I can find the time to blog about one or two of them in greater detail . They really deserve the good reviews and recommendations! Let me get over this hurdle of prelim papers marking and then I hope to get down to it .

Everything is going so fast and exciting , for sure.

I must remind myself always to talk to God longer and more often, and be grateful for all his blessings. I am happy , excited, scared and humbled - all rolled into one. ... praying that everything goes well :)

Thank you Allah . Thank you so so so much :)


J said...

Eye catching maybe but they have the worst customer service and they do not care about customer other than their profit. I had extremely embarrassing experience with their shoes on the first day I wore them when I took a new pair to overseas for a business trip. The shoes heel broke in 10 min and the soles were very painful to walk. I was in total embarrassment and yet Pazzion would never give refund. I will never buy from them again.

dancingfairyqueen said...

Oh dear!

Poor you! I have stopped buying from them but that is more because my taste changed :) The whole time when I patronised them , I was satisfied :)