Changing / Nursing Room

Ever since Furqan is around, I have had a slight obsession with nursing/baby changing rooms in shopping malls.

Haha...something that we have never bothered with before.

In fact, suddenly , everywhere we go, all we see are strollers, babies, baby wraps, diaper bags.... We used to study people's shoes, bags and all those fancy schmancy things in the shop displays. See how one's lenses of the world change with circumstances.

One of my favourites is the one at Tampines Mall. It is very roomy, brightly lit and it has got a very nice wallpaper. The only downside is that their hot water dispenser is always spoilt! That is a no no ...esp for mummies like me who bottle feed their babies.

Top of my list currently is the one in Takashimaya on the fourth level. We didn't check out the nursing rooms but they look roomy and adequate enough .... AndI like the diaper changing area.

There are about four or five changing stations and plastic bags are provided for soiled diapers (with the rubbish bin attached individually to each changing station).

Water dispenser works perfectly fine and I find it interesting and extremely considerate of them to even have a machine selling diapers! I thought that is pretty cool...if only every mall has this, I never shall have to worry again about not having enough diapers with me.

We shall continue to explore all the nursing/changing rooms in SG Malls.

Oh, how my life has changed!