Baby's First Overseas Trip!

When Furqan just turned 3 months, I read that the best times to bring babies overseas is before 6 months. They are usually fuss -free - just the usual milk, diaper change, sleep.

I told the husby and we decided the June holidays would be a perfect timing as he turned 4 months. For 2 weeks, we toyed with the idea of Langkawi, Bintan , Bali , KL ...... Langkawi was at the top of my list as I pictured a rest n relax beach holiday.

One morning , while in the lift, I said in jest that I missed the Australian winter and if only we could go there.

And so that was where we headed to ...7 days in Perth!

Us with the lil one. He slept all the way to the boarding gate.

We brought my parents along and that was an added joy, definitely. How I wished the nephew could tag along as well !
He was quite good on the flight to Perth - lying in the bassinet and sleeping when the time came. However, he refused to stay in it when we were going home to SG. Totally refused to. 

Check-ed in at midnight! We didn't want to bring our stroller over so I googled and managed to find where we rented a stroller and a bath tub! All we had to do was choose among the many models, pay through paypal and got them sent to the hotel concierge for a small fee. To return , we just had to leave them there too. It was very much worth the money.
We rented the stroller for AUS$40, cannot remember how much the bathtub was  (maybe about $20), for the entire week.
I really hope this service exists in other parts of the world!

One of those rare wefies with mom.

The Quinny that I have always wanted but totally impractical in SG cos of its massive wheels. 

Didn't plan to be matchy matchy ! My Armani jacket finally breathed its final breath right after the trip :( 

The mussels were supposed to be spicy but oh well, as expected, Maggi Chilli sauce is probably ten times spicier. Cannot make it lah  - their definition of 'spicy'!

Love  the fruits and vegetables at the Fremantle market! So so colourful !

We have rarely taken any wefies since Furqan came along.... this is precious ! 

Quinny was comfy enough for lil prince who, obviously, loved the weather too! Very nice to sleep!

I did try to make sure one of us will wear matching outfit with Furqan each time. I don't know, it just gave me that cheap thrill !

He turned 4 months then!

Crazily cute and adorable ! I wish we have winter here in SG. The jacket is from SEED ....and has been collecting dust ever since we came back. Either I try to sell it off on Carousell or we have another baby soon! Heehee

He looks so sad here. I think it was because no one was entertainig him on the bus rides. The buses in Perth were VERY baby friendly. There is a ramp for us to push the stroller onto the bus and practically, EVERYONE gave way to us!

I did not know this initially but some seats on the bus can be folded up. On one bus trip, a few extremely kind souls got up from their seats, folded them and signalled to us to move into the space by the windows!

GOSH! I was really surprised by their generosity and kindness - wonder if we can ever get that in SG, folded seats or otherwise!

So engrossed in watching a sheep being sheared at the wildlife park!

Not sure if you can notice but Furqan was all rosy over there. His fair complexion plus his pink rosy cheeks made him sooooooo adorable that he easily made friends with both the locals and tourists alike! JEalous much!

Everything he has on here was worn only in Perth!' winter clothes are already expensive and they outgrow them almost immediately. Maybe I should rent out the clothes.

I must must must credit my TULA and my MCM backpack...hahahah! The TULA was really a big help for us to move around quickly without the stroller and when he needed to be hugged /  go to sleep. I had my Fidella ring sling as well but I only used it twice for 30 mins each as I found it quite a hassle. TULA all the way !  :P

And that backpack is just huge enough to store all his diapers, milk, toy etc etc while still ensuring that I did not look like a grubby , frumpy mummy !

Another 'adventure' of taking public transport! We tried out the train to go to Fremantle !


Overall, it was a fantastic decision to go to Perth while he was still very young as he was still unable to roll , crawl, walk , make lots of fussy noise was pretty easy to take care of him overseas and also in the aeroplane. I am also glad that I could bring my parents over for a holiday after so many years - goal accomplished!
Now , I need to start saving up again ....hehehe... we may try the next hols on our own ( just the three of us ) although I am itching to bring my parents to Hong Kong or Japan . LOL
Just a recommendation before I end : Quins' Travel is the agency to go for if you are the kind who likes your trips to be customised to the T. We used them for Gold Caost in 2013 and for the recent Perth trip. Thumbs, fingers and all toes UP!  :P