Season of joy - NOT?

There seems to be a lot of break-ups going on these days.

Particularly  among my ex-students, as declared on Facebook. The youngest going through this phase being 17 while the oldest is 22 yrs old. Amazing , isn't it? News spread so fast because of the advanced technology.

I still remember how painful my break-ups were. The one whereby I got dumped obviously hurt like crazy! I think I became insane for a few months thereafter.

But the one which I initiated wasn't any less unpleasant. It was a very long-term relationship and it took me lots and lots of courage to realise that it had to end. OMG. The process was bad , disastrous ...whatever you could call it. The emotional turmoils that came after that was depressing as well... I think the post-break up period took at least a year before it subsided.

Lately though, people seem to be getting more 'creative' when initiating break-ups. Instead of the conventional face-to-face scene, some choose to end it  through SMS , emails and bloody hell, even Facebook!!!

I don't know. I mean , if one sees no future in a relationship, why prolong it? But at least, do it in a decent manner lah. ... at the very least, you can try over the phone if you really have no guts to do it in person.

I feel that this should apply to both genders. Breaking up through SMS and such , is just too cowardly, in my humble opinion. Yes, others' opinions may differ but I feel every human deserves some respect no matter what the situation is.

Hopefully, there will be more joyous news coming more heartbreaks please....